My first taste... Geffner

gnappiOctober 27, 2012

My Geffner has been in the ground going on three years. I've waited patiently through its first flowering last year, and all the flowers died without getting pollinated.

This year it bloomed a LOT but only set three fruits despite my pollinating them by hand. I read Geffners did not need hand pollinating?

The three were all different sizes... small, medium, and LARGE. I ate the LARGE one tonight. What a treat!!!

I can't wait till next year now!

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Ditto! I had 7 fruit, all different sizes. All fruit was low on the tree, where I could hand pollinate. It didn't set any fruit up high, even though, like you said, it's supposed to be self-pollinating. I leave my fruit on until it drops. It falls to the ground with about 1/2 inch of stem attached. How do you harvest?

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I too let them fall to the ground though no stem was attached to any of them.

I wouldn't have done that last year because I had ants all over the tree, then I read an article about hot ants HATE lavender. I planted lavender under the tree and have no more ants. My first Anon was plucked out of the ground by me because ants had infested the tree and fruit.


It's difficult to tell when they're ripening. But I watched mine very closely over the months and noticed that the very end will soften slightly while the sections will get slightly yellow between them. Invariably they fall the day after I notice the softening.

Next year I'll pollinate every bloom by hand.

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Oh, BTW I ate the last one tonight, my GF ate the third. I'd like to pluck out some other trees I have like a GASP) mango and replace it with another Atemoya or Cherimoya, or sugar apple.

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This is my Lisa atemoya. She is a real beauty. I planted her mid summer 2011 & got my first fruit after hand-pollinating 2012. Very tasty. It was not very big but really delicious! This year I have one started and hopefully more coming. This tree flowers a lot so there are more opportunities to try to set fruit. I putsome scrap pieces of fruit out to encourage flies and beetles, natural pollinators but I think the old paint brush is still the way to go.

Anyway, good luck!


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Comprotutto(Miami Beach)

I got a geffner from Excalibur last year and it produced a fruit right after putting it into the ground. It was delicious and I would also buy one more tree If I only had the space for it. I am attaching a pic.

This year (the second) I did hand pollinate the tree and got several fruits going but none of them truly made it beyond the initial swelling state.

I wonder what could determine fruit drop after successful setting...

Gnappi I doubt Cherimoya would grow in South Florida. It needs much cooler nights. It does thrive in California though.

Anyone has a good tip for successful hand pollination?

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