Poison Ivy Getting Stronger

susanargus(z7 NoVA)July 16, 2006

Astounding Washington post Article from yesterday morning:


"Vines -- poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, kudzu -- snake through the back yard, girdling trees and strangling shrubs, thriving, scientists say, on the same pollution they blame for global warming.

From backyard gardens to the Amazon rain forest, vines are growing faster, stronger and, in the case of poison ivy, more poisonous on the heavy doses of carbon dioxide that come from burning such fossil fuels as gasoline and coal."

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I remember a few years back a passionate debate on one of the garden web forums about using RoundUp to kill PI. As a highly allergic person living in a spot that constantly gets new invasions of PI from neighboring parkland I can tell you that I have NO GUILT about using RoundUp . . . and I too have noticed that the rash from very light contact seems more "angry" as the dermatologists say. Down with PI!!

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