Winter Squash plant now?? Too late!!

dancinglemons(7B VA)July 5, 2008


I totally forgot to plant my Red Kuri winter squash. I think it says 90 days to maturity. I am in Central Virginia Richmond/Petersburg area. Anyone here plant winter squash this late?? Any and all info/experiences are requested.



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Never have grown Red Kuri but I'm planting winter squash this week. I plant it this time of year when there is space freed up in the garden. My favorite is buttercup but I've also planted butternut and pumpkin. I'm in northern va just west of Washington.

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Hello~ I am probably close to rian, but just across the line from VA in "wild & wonderful" WV. When I had a bigger veggie garden, I usually had my winter squash seed planted by July 1, but this year we took a plot in a community garden, in addition to our little home veggie garden that was too small for winter squash, except for 1 hill of a bush-type vegetable spaghetti. There was an even smaller unrented plot nearby, but I figured that I could get 2-3 hills planted there of an heirloom squash so I inquired of the garden manager and was told to go for it--something, anything, planted there was better than weeds! After weeding it and working compost in under my hills, it was July 7th before the 1st 2 hills were planted with seed and the 3rd one became home to 2 winter squash that had come up in the compost pile that I transplanted there. These were all heirloom varieties: 'L.I. Cheese' pumpkin,and 'Amish Long-neck Pie' pumpkin. 'Orange Cushaw' and the other day I put another hill in of a hybrid bush acorn, "Elite', that said it would mature in 55 days, so I know that I'm OK there, but the maturity dates on the seeded squash were 90 and 110 days. I realize it's a gamble that I'll get ripe squash, but nothing ventured nothing gained! As of yesterday, all the cheese pumpkin and 1 Cushaw have germinated and have grown true leaves, but it looks as if I may lose 1 of the 2 Long-necked Pie pumpkin transplants, but I have several seedlings as a back-up I grew from saved seed so I can transplant 2 of those. I plan to let the vines wander out from under the deer fencing unto
the unrented, thus unplowed, corn field next to the garden site. I'll post later what happens with my experiment...

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

OK I've done it again!! This year my Red Kuri is up and running but I want to plant some winter squash with a 90-100 day maturity -- anyone have luck in Richmond area planting late (July 8-10) winter squash and pumpkins with 90++ day maturity -- if so did you get any squash??


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I have had pumpkin volunteers come up very late, form fruits but not color up before frost. I brought in the dark green fruits and they color up indoors. It takes a long time, but they don't rot and they taste fine. I assume winter squashes would behave similarly. I'm even a little north of you all.

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