Anyone have any Omar's Lebanese plants?

roxxanneMay 6, 2012

Or know where I can get a couple? I must have done something wrong, none of my tomato seeds sprouted this year. It's the strangest thing, I grow my tomatoes from seed every year, but this year they didn't germinate. Anyway, I wanted to try this one this year. 2 plants is all I need. thanks! Rox

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Roxxanne, I just answered your question at another place so I'll just cut and paste it to here.


Try Darrel Jones at b/c I thought I saw it on his growout list for plant sales that he posted elsewhere. But it wouldn't be very cost effective to order just one plant ( which is what you requested at first).
Omar Saab, an adjunct at the place I last taught, was the original source of my seeds for this variety. The background is interesting as to where and how and why he got the seeds for me when he had to return to Lebanon after his father died.
One of my own faves along with Large Pink Bulgarian, well, I'll stop now b/c you're asking about Omar's Lebanese. ( smile)
Carolyn, who notes that there's always next year when it comes to growing tomato varieties. ( smile)

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