Greenhouse near Fredericksburg anyone

peanut01(7VA)July 10, 2009

Hi, I was hoping to buddy up with someone or a few of you all if possible. I may have bit off more than I can chew this year. I am thinking of winter and am not sure where I will be able to overwinter all of my plants. I already use my house to overwinter a bunch of my mothers plants as well a lot of my older plants. I have had about 50 or so new additions to the family this year. I collect Hoyas, Euphorbias, Amorphs, Colocasia, Plumeria, Brugmansia, Crinums, and others. I can't send them to my in-laws house. I sent them a Large Jade Plant and some Peace Lilies. They managed to kill the Jade Plant by underwatering and I took back the Peace Lily when it was on the verge of death. Also my aunt who lives locally manages to kill everything I send over there due to low lighting.

So I would like to propose a couple possibilities...

If someone has extra space in their greenhouse and they are local then I would love to share. I can either share doubles of any plants I have or we can make some cuttings whenever possible. I also have plenty of hardy perennials to share.

Or I would be willing to rent some space. Providing the environment is free of pests and disease and the fee is not too outrageous.

Or I would even considering sharing costs with someone local building one. I have land or yours if it convenient for me too.

I am up for suggestions.

If nothing turns up then no worries. I am sure I can find a way to use my basement but I figured this would be a good opportunity to meet people with like minds and share plants.



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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Hi David,

I do not have a greenhouse but when I posted on our neighborhood watch chat about greenhouse space I was directed to our Ag Extension Agent. I have not called them yet but if you contact your county (or nearest county) Ag Agent they may be able to hook you up with someone with greenhouse space.

Good Luck,

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Thanks for the info DL. I will try that route if I do not get many hits here in the next month or so.

I met some greenhouse owners at a local farmers market this weekend, but all of them seemed to have a lot going on and did not have any room to spare :(

One gentleman told me about the greenhouses that went out of business in Anne Arundel MD and said I should look for partners and buy them lol. I would love to start my own nursery but I cannot purchase 7 million dollars worth of greenhouses for even 3.6 million which is what they are asking. In my dreams :-P

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In our case we have to decline keeping plants for several reasons:

1. if we do it for you, its hard to tell others "no", so we tell everyone "no"

  1. we cannot take a chance on bringing in some type of disease/fungus/bug/etc. Our operation is not a hobby.

3. if we lose plants [for whatever reasone], we'd rather lose OUR plants than try to explain to you why your exotic, expensive plant died.

You might find an individual who would help you out but probably not a commercial greenhouse like us.

And, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of a smaller greenhouse. Check out the link below for good prices on frames. We've put up several of the Quonset Frames but I would NOT go smaller than 16' wide.



Here is a link that might be useful: Grower's Solution

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Tom - thanks for the link to the greenhouse frames. The High side wall models look like they would be the ones for me since I am growing some taller plants. I wonder if I will be able to fit my Borneo Giant Colcasia in there : ) I did not get too deep into the site and failed to see if the plastic covering comes with the greenhouse. If not, then what do you use for your greenhouses? I hear the plastic sometimes dry rots quick enough for it to have to be replaced twice in a year. Is this true?

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Hey Peanut,

Their price is ONLY for the frames, which include:

Posts to drive in the ground
Purlins & clamps [how many depends on the size]
Tek screws [self-tapping]

You'll need materials for the ends and channel/wiggle-wire to attach the plastic to the bows. At least that is what we've used. Also, expect to get some treated lumber to go on the ground on the outside of the bows to attach the plastic. We staple it on with batten tape.

I would shop around for the plastic and other materials and we've gotten 5 years going on 6 on our original greenhouse. Do NOT try to use the 6mil plastic you can get at Lowe's/etc. It specifically states it is not suited for greenhouses.

If I can be of any help, you can email me at

but make sure you put something in the subject line so I don't junk the email :-)

We've put up 5 houses w/ covers and one "basket house" where we hang them when we get too full up.



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