fruiting vines in mountains

ahinerJuly 18, 2012

I live on the edge of the mountains in a very shady area and am looking for something that would bear fruit and grow on a trellis. The reason being is I am trying to devise a way to harvest rainwater off of a building in my yard into a cistern that is 30 feet away. The trellis and vine, I was thinking would provide support for the guttering and hide a little bit of the unsightlyness. What I don't know is what would grow well in a shady and a little cooler environment. The first thing we thought about was grapes, which would turn into jelly for the kids, but I don't know if they thrive in this environment. If anyone has any suggestions or experience to provide me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Contrary to VA promotions grapes are not ideal here. In Thomas Jeffersons time VA wines were not grape based, but more commonly tree fruits and berries. With enough attention and chemical deterrents you can ward off most disease in an optimal sunny irrigated area. On a very shady mountain is being more than optimstic. Artic kiwi would be better. However, even then if its quite shady than most anything fruiting will be challanged or at best low yield.

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