monster invasive trumpet vine

gin3July 10, 2008

Has anyone had success getting rid of trumpet vine? It crawls underground and i find that getting rid of the top growth just makes it mad and grow farther, popping up 20 feet away and farther every year. what a monster! It should be illegal to sell anywhere. i have tried full strenght round up but it doesnt stop it. I cant dig up my whole garden, and I hear you can never get it all anyway. Any suggestions? Please!!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Snip the vines a few inches above the roots, and remove them to a trash bag. The vine will make new leaves; pour boiling water over the leaves. Repeat as soon as it makes more new leaves. The plant cannot survive without the ability to make chlorophyll.

If you make a habit of strolling around every couple days with a teapot full of hot water, and scald any new leaves wherever they pop up, the plant will *eventually* die. Yes, this takes time but does not poison your soil as the herbicides do, and it IS effective.

BTW, do not use this method for controlling poison ivy. The steam could contain urushiol, and you *don't* want to breathe that!

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