What do you think of this greenhouse?

RodneyJSOctober 18, 2011

It's relatively cheap & easy to transport if needed. Greenhouses with polycarbonate panels run $1000+

Here is a link that might be useful: Walmart greenhouse

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I actually have it. Works pretty well and is well made for the price. I had no problem keeping it at about 40 degrees on nights with temps down to 20. I used two oil filled heaters inside it. I don't think it would hold in much heat without the heaters though. It is kind of a pain to put up and take down. I actually left the frame up over the summer to save me some time this winter when I have to put the panels back up.

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Cool. It seems cost-effective. I figure the fabric will need to be replaced every 5 years or so.

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The fabric is pretty durable. I think I'll get more than 5 years out of it since it only stays up for a few months a year.

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Jsvand5, did you ever obtain a Selma cherimoya?

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Jsvand5, do you recall how much those heaters cost you? Are they more effective and suitable for small greenhouse than say electric or Oscillating/ceramic heaters?

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

How are you able to run two heaters at the same time. I started with two heaters last night but it tripped the breaker so I could use only one. Thankfully the one was enough but I know colder nights are to come, so how can I run both heaters at the same time?

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You will probably have to run them on two different circuits

The heaters are about $40. I think the fan ones would probably work too.

I did finally get a Selma Cherimoya from Roger Meyer in CA. Seems to be doing really well so far.

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I hate to be a doomsayer-but FABRIC walls? The heat holding/retaining must be terrible on cold or worse cold and windy day and nights.
I've been thinking of a 8X10-maybe more greenhouse to keep my very tender plants and also a couple of large and very large aquariums..but it has to hold heat well-70F and no lower at all times.
I think,used glass panes or fiberglass salvaged might be best. You would think with so many buildings torn down all the time,glass would be almost free...dang,how do they get away with charging so much even for that sometimes?

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zands(10b Fl)

Never seen this item but this "fabric" is not what you think it is here. I think it is thick mil plastic sheeting with a strong wide "fabric" reinforcement built (melted) into it. In other words air does not get through it so the greenhouse has roll-up windows too. That's what I think this is

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