links to timeframes?

mamato3July 24, 2008

The only links I can find are too complicated for me to figure out.

I haven't done any gardening in over 10 years, and none at all in VA. So now I want to get a veggie patch set up. I'm sure there has to be some easy to understand website to tell me when to plant things?

I know seed packets usually tell you on the back, but all the local stores are sold out, so I need to order online. I don't want to order a bunch of seeds to discover that I have to wait until spring to plant!

Any idea when the last harvest should be done? I'm assuming before 1st frost, but I truly don't know when that is around here. (i'm in virginia beach)

Thanks for helping a newbie!

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

I went to McDonalds nursery last week and got some seed packets for late starters (full selection still available). Salad greens are good for this time of year, I also got some cauliflower. I'm sure you could find some more for fall harvest.

Here is a link that might be useful: McDonalds nursery

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Thanks so much. I haven't been to McDonalds, but I do know where it is.

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I'm going to plant some peas mid-August, but I haven't been able to find a site with charts either. The feed store has a paper one, though. Next time I'm there I'll see what I can find out, if they have a link for the chart :)

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I went ahead and ordered a small batch of seeds to get me started. I could really use some input on some of these.

One question though, when a chart gives a timeframe for planting, can that time frame be altered? For example, if it said to plant something by a given date, I'm assuming that would be a standard variety. So if I purchased a variety that matured faster, I could plant a little later?

Forgive my silly questions, I truly have no idea. I'm the only person in the world who can kill the "unkillable" types of houseplants.

So anyway, with my seed purchases, I figured if I couldn't plant them now, then I'd just wait until next spring.

So, I bought:

Silver Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn
a Lettuce blend as well as red sails lettuce
Baby Boo pumpkins
Cherry Belle Radishes
Roma tomatos
Perfected Detroit Beets
Tendersweet carrots
Giant Magic Hybrid pumpkin

So, in my example, I found a general virginia planting guide (i'm assuming it would be a bit different for me, than say the folks in northern or western va). The guide says pumpkins through 7/15. But the hybrid pumkins I bought mature in 95 days, as opposed to 110 days for some other varities.

I'm sure its way too late for planting tomatoes this year, so I'll be waiting on those.

If anyone knows anything about my selected veggies, I'd appreciate some input.


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I just found a site listing my first and last frost dates, so that might be more helpful if anyone knows which veggies need to be harvested before frost. My first frost date is Oct 20 (listed as almost a full month later than some other parts of VA)

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LOL. I just found on the virginia beach city website, it lists the average first frost day of DEcember 1st! LOL. With only a 10% chance of being before Nov 18th

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