Successful bamboo killing (I think)

kimkaAugust 9, 2011

I;ve come up with a new way to kill off bamboo, at least it was new to me.

I pulled up what I could without hurting myself. Then I cut all the bamboo stalks down to 6-12 inches.

Here was the new part. Then I filled all the hollow stubs with Green Light Cut Vine and Stump Killer. I refilled the stubs about a week later just to be sure. Green Light Cut Vine and Stump Killer (active ingredient Triclopyr, generic name Dowelanco brush and weed). The information on it says it will be translocated up to three feet with in the plants.

All of the stubs have rotted and I was able to pull up some more rhizome and they were all dead.

Green Light Cut Vine and Stmp killer does not list bamboo on its label, but it does list that it works on 60 plants including poison ivy.

I posted this here because of the long running thread on getting rid of bamboo.

Now the real test will be to see if anything comes up in the spring.

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taxonomist(7b VA)

Congrats on your murder of Bamboo. However I must add that Triclopyr works solely by inactivating an enzyme essential for photosynthesis. I do not believe it has any activity on other tissues or systems of the plant. The makers like to suggest that it kills the roots. In reality, it simply starves the plant to its death by blocking its photosynthesis. It most certainly is a first class weed killer for Dicots.

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