Photos of San Antonio Plant Swap Oct.12, 2013

roselee z8b S.W. TexasOctober 13, 2013

Yesterday we gathered for another great SAPS, San Antonio Plant Swap, and for once we were thankful that it didn't rain!

It seems everyone was saying they were leaving with more plants than they brought. But that defies the laws of physics so how can it happen? LOL Maybe the phenomenon is akin to the Biblical multiplying of the loaves and fishes ...;-).

We were very happy to welcome quite a few first time attendees! The participants came not only from San Antonio, but from the Austin area, various Texas Hill Country locations. and Galveston to name a few, but Darlene takes the prize for driving in from the Dallas area and bringing not only many of her own plants, but also swap items from Sylvia.

I hope I captured a photo of everyone attending. My apologies if I did not. Perhaps some others took photos they'd like to contribute to this thread.

Shirley, Melody and Mara. Shirley has been organizing our swaps for the last couple of years ...

Tally, Sheila, and Mara ...

Peggy and Geneva ...

Melody and Heather. Heather blogs about gardening in San Antonio here: ...

Shirley and Geneva ...

Linda, Barbra (who secures our use of Rogier's Park) and Shirley ...

Arshi and Mara ...

Lisa, Mike, Mizan and Jim ...

Geneva and Irena ...

Geneva, Peggy and Melody ...

Irene, Darlene, and Tonya ...

Karen "Blue Girl", Darlene and Mara ...

Signing up for the drawing ..

After the swapping most headed over the my (Ragna/Roselee) place to continue the fun. The clouds were hanging heavy at this point, but still no rain :-) ...

Tally, Bob and Jim ...

Paul heads courageously toward the hooded Voodoo Lily, He wanted some photos showing relative size to send to a friend in hopes of getting it identified ...

Paul bravely stands his ground, but Mara and Arshi aren't so sure ...

Incidentally the Voodoo lily is grown for its beautiful foliage and only blooms after several years when the bulb reaches a large size. While the flower is beautiful in an exotic sort of way it is smelly because it evolved to attract flies as pollinators.

I trust everyone made it home safely with their stash of great 'new to you' plants. Many, many thanks for all the plants you all so generously shared! I am more than appreciative of not only the plants, but more for the many wonderful friends gardening has brought my way! Several of you were missed. I hope you make it to the next gathering of SAPS for plants.

For those of use who received succulents at the swap this article from has some timely advice for planting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Is fall the time to plant Sub-tropical plants?

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The photographer never gets her picture taken enough. And Ragna does the best job of making sure everyone gets included ;-) It was great to see everyone and talk plants. Thanks to Shirley for organizing and Barbra for getting us a nice place to set up. And thanks too to Ragna and Bob for hosting the after swap gathering. Ragna it's amazing what changes a year has made in your yard.


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GORGEOUS people and Gorgeous plants! I'm so jealous!
I'm so happy yall had such a great time, and didn't get wet in process ;-)
Ragna, your garden is beautiful! I hope one day we can get our garden to look half as good as yours!!!
It was very brave of yall to get that close to voodoo lily in bloom, stinky ....well ya...but beautiful none the less.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

This proves how much Shirley and Ragna love hanging around at plant swaps ...

(I hope you hear the good natured laughing. The photo is upside down on my computer,but maybe not on all)

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Yes, it was great swap meet. Thanks to Shirley for organizing the meet. Thanks to Ragna for the after the swap party and thanks to all for the many plants and seeds we received.

But, was it fun? YES! One lady was sooooo funny. Don't recall her name, but she said, "Have you ever had roast chicken or potatoes with rosemary?' I said yes. She then said, "Would you like some potatoes with rosemary, tonight?" I said, "yes, yes!" (I thought she was inviting us to dinner.) And then she shoves a whole bunch of rosemary into my hand, and says, here, take that!

I never laughed so hard. I told her, "Hey, I thought I was getting dinner!" I told her, problem is... I'm easy and you're bad." We both just laughed. Okay, you know who you are. I'm waiting for my potatoes with rosemary dinner... and while you're at it, throw a chicken in there, too! :-)

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

You guys look like you had so much fun. I wish Temple wasn't so far away.


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PKponder TX(7b)

Looks like a fun time was had by all! I love seeing the pictures of all of your smiling faces :-)

Roselee, photos uploaded from iPhones are often upside down on Windows computers :-) You look great upside down too!

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Irene, I love that participant's sense of humor! Thanks for telling us about it.

Pam, yes it is fun. Wish you could attend sometime. Also figured sending from an electronic tablet caused the upside down photo having read about it on other forums. Sideways photos are sometimes the case too. But that's no problem. We can figure it out. The world is pretty upside down most of the time anyway ... ;-)

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I saw Shiela with rosemary, in her hand. I sounds like something she would do. I had a great time at the swap. This year I had nothing to do with organizing the swap, I just drove there. Next year, the mayor of Balcones Heights wants us to let her know ahead of time, so she can put a note in their local paper, so if any residents want to attend to swap plants they can. She thought it was a wonderful idea having the swap, so everyone could get together to swap palnts. I call Delia the city secretary, every year, to let her know when we are having our swap, and get the phone number of the officer with the key. This year Delia was not in the office. There are only a few streets with homes in Balcones Heights, you can see them as you drive down Balcones Drive, the main road. Balcones Heights encompasses just less than one square mile. 80% of that is commericial property including Wonderland Mall, Springfield Marriot, Howard Johnson, Luby's, Howard Johnson, Tx Heart Hospital, Norris Confrence Ctr, Dave and Buster's, and at least 6 different Apts complex. There are very few homes, and most residences are seniors, that is why no one ever uses the park, not even children. It is just a neighborhood, but because of all the commercial property, they have a paid fire dept and police dept. If the mayor post information regarding our plant swap in their local paper, I don't think any of the residences will even come, except maybe the mayor. Barbra

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Barbra, that's good information. Thank you!

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that explains why they want to take out the skatepark and put in a community garden.
We had a blast as usual and I got rid of almost every plant thanks to Darlene. I totally owe Sylvia more plants, I never expected 2 crates full of glassware! lots of projects for my days off next week.
See ya`ll in the spring!
Tally HO!

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