pegwrite(z7MD)September 7, 2006

I am thinking of planting a loropetalum bush but I know it is considered a southern bush, hardy to zone 7. I live in zone 7 and was concerned that it may die over the winter. Has anyone in Virginia, especially northern virginia, had any experience with these plants?


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hudvalley(z7 VA)

i'm heading into my first winter with two purple loropetalum ZhouZho hybrid. i put them in VERY early last "spring" - first of March actually. They weathered a freak late snowfall on Saint Patrick's day - blooms and all. They are in all the garden center here (richmond) so i hope they last a cold winter. I have seen them around my neighborhood, so i believe they will be ok. good luck.

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annec(7 VA)

Mine are heading into their third winter; I'm in zone 7 SE Virginia. They're fine; go ahead and plant them in the fall.

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annec(7 VA)

Almost forgot...while they're young/small, after it snows go out and shake it off so the branches don't break or split under the weight of the snow.

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When I lived in N. Al (also zone 7) we used them a lot as landscaping shrubs. Other than ice damage a few times they did very well there so I don't see any reason why they would not do well here either. I prefer to plant all shrubs and trees in the fall so the roots have a good chance to growing before the summer heat sets in. I learned in college that roots grow in winter, tops/blooms/fruit in summer so I have always done this.

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Filbert(7 VA)

I live in No. Va. (inner Fairfax County) and have had good luck with purple loropetalum. No special winterizing treatment other than a layer of shredded leaf mulch.


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