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saypoint(6b CT)September 21, 2006

This is OT, but I thought I'd check here for some info. We're relocating to SW VA for my husband's job. We'll be househunting for a place within a reasonable drive of the Wytheville area. We lived in that part of the world for a couple of years, 5 years ago, but not long enough to become really familiar with surrounding communities. I was still unpacking when we left, LOL.

The area I'm leaving is upscale, arty, with a classic small New England town feeling. Is there a town in the area that has a historic atmosphere and some cultural amenities? We're not big on nightlife and I'm a homebody, preferring to spend time with my gardens and dogs, but a place that is devoid of any "atmosphere" may be a bit depressing.

We're considering Wytheville and Christiansburg, but I'm open to suggestions for other places.



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saypoint, Wytheville is a lovely town...but Abingdon is super. Christiansburg has grown so fast and is very crowded! Not a bad area...but if I could select between the 2 it would be Abingdon.

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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

Hey Mrs. Point...welcome to The Commonwealth. I still have my house for sale in Sterling, but I just checked and I am not sure a 293 mile commute, each way, is exactly what you had in mind! About all I know of that area of the state comes from trips down 81 and a few visits to Blacksburg (married to a Hokie). There are some beautiful areas around there and I bet at housing prices are cheaper than where you are currently located. Maybe instead of a climbing hydrangea vine on your house, you could go for a beautiful display of kudzu!

- Brent

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saypoint(6b CT)

Thanks, vagardengirl, my RE agent suggested Abingdon, and sent me some listings for that area, but it's 55 minutes away. The agent said the town was very cute. I'm not sure my husband is going to want to drive that far, but if we don't find something suitable closer to W-ville, we may have to consider it. Or maybe something right in Wytheville. Is it true that Abingdon is much warmer than Wytheville because of the lower elevation? I live in Greensboro for three years, just two hours from W-ville and it was horribly hot and humid there in the summer.

Hey, Brent, yes, housing prices are about half of what they are here for a similar home, and taxes will be about 1/5 of what they are here. Homeowners and auto insurance will be less, as well as service type help, if I want to hire out some of the heavy digging at the new location. Yay!

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My DH was born in Abingdon & his family has lived there for most of the past 40 years. Charming town, and getting better all the time -- so much to enjoy. Arts, crafts, theater, community college, walking trails, decent stores. And a good hospital. I wouldln't mind living there myself. If the job is on the southern end of Wytheville ... maybe the commute wouldn't be too bad?

I'd look at Marion (I love the town's two water tanks, one labelled "hot" and the othe labelled "cold"). I've never been there, just like the looks of it from the interstate. Or go just slightly north of Wville to Pulaski. It has a historic district that was pretty cool the few times I've been in it.

Hope ya'll enjoy where ever you land :-)

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saypoint(6b CT)

Thanks for the tips. Wytheville has a nice historic district, but there's nothing for sale there right now. I inquired about Marion, my agent said that she hadn't cared for it in the past, but that the old Lincoln Theater and an historic hotel have been recently restored beautifully, so it may be on it's way up.

I've only been to Christiansburg a few times, to go to the mall, and it certainly was congested in that area. I've never been off the main roads there, so I don't know what it's like in more residential areas or on the edges of town.

I like small town life, and would probably prefer to live right in town for the social aspect. It's nice to have neighbors close enough to get acquainted with and talk over the fence. Maybe Christiansburg is too big for that.

Brent, what IS a Hokie? There was some discussion about this when we lived in VA before, and people seemed to think it was some kind of chicken?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Hokie is the name of the VaTech mascot, and alumni/friends may refer to students/graduates as Hokies.

I've always wanted to do this:
signed, Proud mother of a Hokie


Here is a link that might be useful: Hokie history

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I lived 7 yrs near Buchanan (above Roanoke) and returned to Ct 4 yrs ago. The soil seems horrible but you'd be amazed how things will grow. I've read your New England entries over the yrs...so know your an avid gardener. The season is 3 1/2 months longer than up here in Ct. (northeast corner for me). I miss the warmer growing season but family is here. I too suggest Christiansburg & Wyth-. Both have growth and some activities. Are you moving gardens? Love to hear from you Saypoint. Margie-Ct Yankee

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saypoint(6b CT)

Hi Margie,
No I won't be moving gardens, unfortunately. I'll probably be online once we get settled in, begging divisions from my old neighbors.

We've pretty much decided on Wytheville, the area has grown since we lived there 5 years ago, and it's close to work for my DH. I'll be starting over from scratch there, just waiting to sell our house in CT so we can buy another in VA. The higher elevation in that area cancels out some of the warmer latitude, so I found the weather very similar to coastal CT. Soil was heavy clay, though. I may have to take up lasagna gardening.

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