Fresh jack fruit seeds available for shipping fee

soaht(Central CA 9B)October 14, 2013

Hi all,

I just cut open my store bought jack fruit today and I have about 100 fresh seeds for free. I don't know the cultivar, but it was sweet, had nice firm/crunchy flesh and smells just like juicy fruit gum. If you would like to try germinating some fresh seeds just for fun, grow an interesting house plant, grafting root stock or even try growing one to fruiting, let me know. You want to hurry though, since jack fruit seeds aren't viable very long. I can only prolong their self for so long. I will keep them moist in a warm place for now. Again let me know soon. All I ask for is shipping fees, I will provide the box or envelope, depending on the amount of seeds you request. Let me know by email, if anyone is interested.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I stored fresh jackfruit seeds in damp paper towels in a baggy in the refrigerator for over a month because I forgot about them. When I planted them, they germinated in 2 weeks.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Thanks for the advice, I actually have them in moist soil medium at the moment, I might try your method too.

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If you have too much jack fruit seeds and don't know what to do, then try this: cook them in water, and they taste nutty, almost like walnut.


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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Thanks, I have done that before, with my first jack fruit. This is actually my second one, but, still appreciate the advice :)

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Would you happen to have any jakfruit seed left? I would love to try just enough to guarantee one seed to germinate. If you might happen to have any other tropical seeds/plants to trade I would be interested. I have a small ice cream bean plant and loquat seedlings. Otherwise I will send postage. Thank you

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Hi BJ,

Sorry no more jack seeds, they all spoiled, so I tossed them. However, I do have two small jack seedlings about 5-7" tall, that I started from some seeds, I have gotten earlier from someone else. I think they are either Borneo Red or j-31 jack seeds. One of the seedlings also have a golden pillow jackfruit seed, just planted next to it as well. So, if that seed germinate(most likely it will, since when I transplant that seed next to the already growing jack seedling's pot, the seed was already starting to sprout), you'll have three jack seedlings. You're welcome to them for a trade of 2-3 loquat seedlings? I would like to try my hand at grafting next year on those seedling. Let me know through email on my page and let's talk more.

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So sorry it took me so long to get back to you. (babysitting my only granddaughter--yeah!!) Yes I would love to do that. My only concern is the weather here. I live in MN and it is pretty cold. Would the seedlings be too big to ship by spring? Otherwise I could mail you some heatpaks and bubblewrap to ship my seedlings when I ship the loquat seedlings to you. If you mailed the jakfruit on a Monday, my post office will keep the package and not put it in the mailbox to freeze. I was fortunate at one time to be able to get a greenhouse package(living on a very fixed income now) which is why I try to grow tropicals.
Please let me know! I am tickled with this.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Not a problem in the late reply. Yes, they can wait till next spring, for it to get warmer. They'll be bigger and taller by then, but not a problem. I might even have some new things to share with you also by then. Congrats on the only grand baby, that's still better than none at all. But hey Christmas is coming up, just around the corner, if you be good till then, maybe Santa(your son/daughter) might even surprise you with some good news ;) I imagine, you guys must have a few snow storm already? Till then take care and stay in contact.


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Thank you!
I do have some loquats and also a kei apple to trade so will wait til spring.
Not too much snow yet, but it is inevitable.
Have you ever tasted Nam Doc Mai mango? Most mangoes are monoecious but this one is not. Looking for a seed when they are ripe to start my own tree. It is also a condo mango and one of the best flavored.
Til spring

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Yes, not only tasted NDM mangoes, but it's one of my favorite. It's a polyembryonic mango, so meaning it will sprout more than one plant from one seed(2-6 plant per seed). But only one of those many sprouts, if let to mature and eventually fruit. Will be the sexually produce off spring. This one will not the the same or similar to the fruit you ate from. Though the other many sprouts will be clones of the parent or be very similar. There's also the monoembryonic mango type, like those commonly found at the stores. Very brightly colored and more of a rounder shape. Those won't come true from seed and only produce one plant per seed. The mature fruit will be different and can either be very good or very bad. So poly type of mango is a better gamble to plant out and have good tasting fruits. But if you really want a real NDM mango tree and fruits, grow out any mango seeds, you can get your hands on and get some mature scion wood to graft it on, when the mango seedling is mature enough for grafting. Or if you mange to save up a bit and just order from a reputable nursery, they will have already grafted plant for you to grow out. Pine island nursery in South FL, is a very reputable online nursery for ordering grafted plant. Check PIN's site at the bottom for more info.

NDM is also a Indo Chinese/ SE Asian mango strain of mango. Almost all SE Asian/Indochinese mango strain are poly and come pretty true from seeds and the shape of the fruits is usually a long kidney shape fruit. So, even those little yellow kidney mangoes, you guys find some times at the stores called ataulfo/champagne/honey/manila mango are poly and will come true from seeds.


Here is a link that might be useful: pine island nursery

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