Wedding Flowers June 7

organicjesSeptember 8, 2007

Hi, I'm am getting married in Northern VA (Vienna) on June 7, 2008. Does anyone know what kinds of flowers are in bloom in late May-early June in this area? It seems to be smack in between growing seasons.

Also, does anyone know of a local farm in the northern VA area that could provide wedding flowers?


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At my niece's wedding in the DC area the flowers were huge pastel peonies - each was various shades of pink/cream/yellow with the most intoxicating perfume. They were the most glorious wedding flowers I had ever seen. I asked her what kind of peony they were but she didn't know because the florist had to substitute them on an emergency basis - they weren't the flowers she had ordered. I resolved if it were at all possible I would have peonies at my daughter's wedding!

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It's a little different from year to year but probably roses, peonies and iris will be blooming in early June.

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PS - Peonies probably need special treatments from a florist to stay fresh and unwilted during a wedding so it's not a flower I would try to use without professional help.

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Baylady(Z8 Va)

Congratulations on your wedding!
You might want to look for links to wholesale cut flower sellers that sell to the public. I saw this subject posted in the Mid-Atlantic forum just recently. If you contact a couple of them, you may get an idea of what is available then and plan from that. Here is one such link.
Good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Wholesale cut flowers

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My daughter got married the first weekend in June a few years ago. From my garden, I had some salvias, roses, toadflax, and iris blooming. But the bulk of the flowers came from Wollam Gardens. It may be a bit too far for you to travel directly to the garden, but I know they sell at farmer's markets in the NoVa area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wollam Garden cut flower farm

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I was thinking of asking the same thing for my daughter's wedding on July 5th. We're not really doing a theme thing or anything but her bridesmaids dresses are pretty vivid. She is having two colors: snapdragon (a deep pink/red) and papaya. These are the names the fabric people have given them. I would never have gone that direction but believe it or not the colors go great...the fabric is raw silk with gold shot through one direction on both, and then the deep pink/red or papaya the other... it appears a bit different lighting it changes. Very pretty! Anyway, I have tons of hydrangeas in my garden from another daughter's wedding, also in early July. Needless to say I am not removing them. But am thinking to add a few flowering shrubs to pick up the new colors. And, we are also investigating flowers for arrangements, bouquets, etc. I'll be checking out the local cut flower growers in our area, too.

Has anyone grown or used strawflowers in arrangements? The tropicana rose looks interesting. I plant well, keep things alive well, but am strictly a novice. When I see something I like because it's interesting, or native, or just smells good I'll try it. But now I need to be more intentional.

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Everyone knows that a wedding without flowers is just like flowers without fragrances. Wedding Flowers are being used everywhere in the world where wedding is celebrated as life time match making. Couples use their own favorite flowers to fill extra excitement in the wedding ceremony. i was searching on the internet And i found an interesting site about wedding flowers check this out :

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedding Flowers

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