First year Pomegranate - 5 Gal

blue_canNovember 2, 2010

Hi everyone - had a couple of quick questions for those who grow poms. I planted a 5 gal Pom (Wonderful) in late March. It has survived so far - it had about 40 flowers in June but so far only formed 5 fruit. Actually it seems like more were on their way to becoming fruit but then droppped off. I'm guess the plant is still to small to hold on to the fruit on the thinner branches.

1. Even though it is now Nov none of the fruit has become red all the way around. Is there still time for it to become ripe. Does it continue to ripen even after the leaves fall off. I have no idea when that will happen.

2. The plant was about 2 - 3 feet tall when I got it. It has been growing but not in a uniform fashon. Most of the banches are still the same length. A couple of the horizontal branches grew about 2 feet sideways. That seems to have now stopped. One of the main shoots going upwards has grown almost 3 feet since I planted so the plant at the highest tip is now over 5 feet.

Is this asymetric growth pattern normal or indicates some problem.

Any insight would be helpful. Pic below

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I would give it about another month of ripening, check to see if the pomegranates make a metallic sound when tapped. I would not worry about the asmetric growth, the pomegranate looks healthy to me.

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where are you? i have a wonderful pom in container that doesnt seem so happy here, probably more mediteranean then subtropical

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I'm in San Diego. As far as the region I think it is fine for wonderful poms. I have a friend a few miles away who has 7 pom trees - pretty much fully grown. He gets lots of fruits every year. I have to say that this year he has mentioned he did not get as much fruit as usual.

We have had an abnormal year in terms of weather - much less sun than most years as well as a lot more rain. The summer temps have also been a lot lower than most years. That may also have something to do with my fruit not being ripe yet.

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Yeah I experienced similar results this year (I am up about 50mi north from you guys in Interior South OC). I still have a couple Poms not close to ripening yet (I am hoping end of November).

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I live in San Diego county and all my pomegranates have been harvested. It takes us about 5 weeks to process them once we start picking. We freeze the whole seeds and use them daily in a smoothie, or on a salad. My experience has been to pick by Halloween where we are or they may start splitting which the birds love! Not all of ours are uniformly red when we pick them, but inside they look great. We also got a second crop off our Anna apple tree which we harvested today, and our fig tree is going crazy. I think the weather has confused our crops this year. We are still getting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini,strawberries, and eggplant too! Good luck with your tree, each year your crop will get bigger so enjoy!

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Good to know that I'm not the only one with unripe fruit. w9yards - are you saying you pick them even when there is a some green. For example the fruit you see in my photo on the lower right is red apart from a small area at the bottom. Does that mean it can be picked.

I asked my friend about when to pick them. He picks them when they start splitting. I brought a couple home to eat and they were very nice. I assumed I had to wait until that stage to pick.

Like some fruits do they continue to ripen after picking or does it only happen on the tree

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We have so many pomegranates on the tree we harvest them all together at one time. Some are split, some are red, and a lot are red and green. Ours seem to split after it rains, and October was really rainy this year. We always seem to pick around Halloween time. I would pick one and try it if it is almost completely red. They do not ripen once they are picked. They will store well after picking in the refrigerator.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies. Now that we having hot weather (and I understand hot weather helps the poms get ripe) I will wait another week or so before picking the most ripe one although when I looked today even the last bit of green has gone.

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