Order trees through Lowes

pascaNovember 22, 2009

I have a question and hope that someone from the forum might have information. Has anyone tried to place a special order on tropical fruit trees through Lowes? I am trying to see if I can do this to save on shipping cost. Thanks.

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pasca,what part of california are you in and what kind of tropical fruit trees are you ordering?...

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I am trying to order a Namwa banana tree and a sapodilla.

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Most lowes and home depot order from laverne nursery.You can check what they sell here www.lavernenursery.com they carry alot of bananas.They only sell wholesale but there is where Lowes order there tropicals,some might not be in there website so it is good to ask the person who orders for Lowes what they have in stock.I recently just got dragon fruit from home depot propagated by laverne nursery and I see they do not even have dragon fruit on there website.As for sapodilla I got mine fron Ong's nursery,I beleive he ships also.Here is a pic of my sapodilla..

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ajaysr5, thanks for taking the time and respond to me. I will take your advice and visit the lavernenursery.com website to check out what's available there. I'll visit my local Lowes to find out about placing an order as well. Again, thanks. By the way, your sapodilla would look great in my garden but I will try to get my own.

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

Ajay is right that HD and lowes orders from laverne.

We did a big group order from laverne and they were easy to work with.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

I have special ordered through Lowe's. Their only condition is that you need to order 2 or more trees. But, my local Home Depot does not care how many I special order. They both get the tropicals from Laverne as Ajay mentioned. Good quality.

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Andrew Scott

I wonder if i could do a se cial order myself. I was told at my local Lowe's that if there store did not have the product that i wa looking for they could get it from any of the stores in the country. i think that would be awesome for tropical fruit trees! Talk about saving money!! My 2 latest additions cost 52.00 for shipping. I would love to find a way to buy tropicals and not pay for shipping costs!

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Yeah..shipping is just so crazy. It cost more than the tree itself...lol. I'm trying to cut down but I still really want the gefner. Too bad our lowes have nothing in the tropical fruit. Tell us if you know which tropical fruit lowes carry. Andrew- are you in PA too?

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Andrew Scott

I live in Chautaqua county NY. I am right buy Lake Erie, it is great especially this time of year. The lake provides great protection from the cold, until the Lake begins to freezs. Ofcourse we getlake affect snow but nothing like the people who live further away from the lake. Where do you live in PA? You live on the eastern side right? Just wondering because you told melast summer that I could get Sugar Apples from NYC. I have to find a way to get my hands on some of this fruit. I have to say that if it is anythinglike the Guanabana that I had, I am sold!! I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with this fruit but i promise you when you get a good one, it is out of this world!! Seeded like Sugar Apple even though I can't say which has more! The pulp is soft and creamy. Ahh I got to stop it! I am craving something that I will never get my hands on for quite some time! BTW I will email you next week so you can preview my blog page. Thanks for your help with it. I can't wait for you to see it and give me some pointers. Your blog page is mostly atemoya and mine will be mostly mango!! LOL!

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Andrew Scott

I just fired out an email to Lowe's and am awaiting a response. I asked if the y would ship tropical fruit trees to customers across the country. I will post there response as soon as I here.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Hehehe...too bad you're not that close to where I live. I am in Philadelphia...maybe just out of the city a little. But not far from supermarkets at all. They have great tropical fruits here so it kind of help my bug bite a bit. My blog originally was for food only but I decided to share my tropical as well. More of atemoya since it been fruiting for me. I think it's an easy to care for tree...so far. Next will be my lychee if the bloom make it to flowering and fruiting.

Sorry..out of topic...lol

I do agree the soursop is good. I like to eat it too but just have to eat it with some sugar and ice since a lot will be on the sour side. I did saw that they sell that fruit here fresh sometime. But it's not that sweet and seedy so i didn't get it. I usually get the frozen one where it's ready to eat out of the bottle. Still tastes great and sweet too.

Right now I'm into planting some fruit trees for my zone. Such as the fuyu persimmon and i read that the jujube will survive in my zone too. Maybe the nursery made a error on the zone?...lol.

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@ajaysr5, I am planning to plant a sapodilla tree. I live in between SF and San jose and wish to know how your tree is doing? It must be 4-5 year old now. Has it started giving fruits or is it still small? Does the frost / winter temperatures affect the tree badly. Does it need protection during winter? I wish to plant it in my front yard which is kind of between two houses. I am concerned that it might grow bigger and bother our neighbors. Please post a pic of the tree so that I can access whether or not to plant it in my front yard. Also let me know if you got a grafted one and which variety.

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how much did you guys pay for your sapodilla trees? I heard they are very slow growing, i wonder how long it takes for them to fruit.

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