Growing Chayote in Virginia

veggie_pak(7a)October 19, 2010

Has anyone had any good luck growing chayote in Virginia's climate? If so, when does it fruit?



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taxonomist(7b VA)

to Vegie Pak: Chayote just doesn't grow well here in central Virginia. I believe the growing season is much too short. I know the folks in the Gulf states have amazing luck as do those in So. Calif. If you live near the ocean in zone 8a, chayote should be a pushover. An acquaintance in coastal SC grows chayote every year. It is quite tasty!!!

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Hard to believe, but a couple days after I posted the question, the plant started fruiting! Today, it has developing fruits all over it. In the meantime, I read that if you are in a warm winter climate, it can be a perrenial if properly cared for. Since I live in Zone 8a, I'm going to try to follow the exact directions to ensure that it comes back strong next year. Maybe then it would produce fruit sooner, as the roots will be thoroughly established. I hope so anyway.

Thanks for the reply!


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Hello All, I'd love to grow Chayote here in Raleigh, NC. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Peter

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