What to do with tuberrose

decogrlNovember 9, 2008

I bought a tuberrose from a local nursery and want to know what to do with it over the winter. It is from Homestead Gardens and was told it is borderline hardy. Anyone have experiences with them?

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I've grown tuberose in Vienna, VA for about 4yrs now. Mine have been dug up and will be spending the winter in the crawl space. The only plants I love enough to do this for year after year are tuberose and dahlias.

Although I have occasionally forgotten a dahlia or two and they have come up again next year just fine, I've never had that experience with tuberose. If they've had to winter over in the cold cold ground, they've just disappeared.

All of my warmer micro-climate spaces are occupied by camellias figs persimmons etc, so it's possible that I have places warm enough for them to winter over...if the winter is mild enough.... I'll be interested to see if anyone is able to leave them in the ground successfully.

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Anything special I need to do like clean off dirt and store them the same way as a dahlia?

Just curious because whatever I do will need to be done before tonight as the temps are expected to drop.

Thanks---I was hoping I would not have to move them indoors as I already have about 20 other tropical plants I had to move in.

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Other than just brushing off the dirt I've never given them much thought. They are not as troublesome to store as dahlias.

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The crawl space is dark and evenly cool-cold all winter. I don't know if they would do well in the living areas of a house. Has anyone stored them in other conditions?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I think you need to keep them from freezing. I grow mine in pots, so just move the pots to the garage. Stop watering; they dry up and go dormant. They'll start to grow again by maybe around April or May. Increase water and move outdoors when whether is warm. I've never planted them in the ground. Do they do better in ground than in a pot?

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Five years ago I bought 3 bulbs at the NC state fair and they have greatly multiplied, but only 2 have ever bloomed. I've dug them up to store in the basement and then also left them in the ground but nothing works. What might be wrong? I'm in Danville right on the southern border of VA.

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