Madam Francis/Francine Mango

subcoolfl(10a)November 24, 2009

My mother has been asking me to find her "banana mangoes" that she used to buy in Miami. It seemed like an impossible task as no one had heard of them.

I stumbled across a video on Youtube where a manager of FreshKing mentions that they re-label imported Haitian Mdm Francine's as Banana Mangos. From the looks and descriptions it is what my mother has been looking for.

Does anyone have any growing experience with this mango? I know it is a bit fibrous. I have plenty of room for a big tree. Is there something similar that would be a better choice? Thanks

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

There is a member called drscifi or something like that growing it. Do a search for madame and I am sure it will pull up.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I am growing Madame Francis but the tree is still small and hasn't fruited as of yet. I have purchased these magos in the store and they are nicely flavored but very fibrous. I wouldn't use the term "banana" to describe what I have tasted. I did buy a mango tree at the Rare Fruit Council sale a month ago called Tog Bi Con or Tog Bi Kan (depending if you believe the label or the writing o the outside of the pot). I was told by one of the honchos at the club that they called it the "banana mango" as it was banana shaped and very sweet. Could this be what you are looking for?

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I think the reference to banana is more in the shape and coloring than the flavoring. She said they are elongated, yellow,sweet yet complex flavored and fibrous enough that you almost have to suck them off the seed. It could be anything that fits that description and was around South Florida in the 70's and 80's.

I bought a Nam Doc Mai thinking it would be similiar but the flavor is too mild. I've never heard of Tog Bi Con.

I was thinking a Julie or Carrie may be a good replacement...I'm not a big fan of fibrous mangoes. Although, I've tasted none of the three so I have no personal experience to go off of.

I need to go to the rare fruit counsel just to taste mangoes so I know what to buy. There are so many choices and no easy way to find out if you like them.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Madame Francis/Francine is most assuredly not banana shaped. It looks like this:

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These are the pics I found when I initially told her about the Mdm. Francis:

She said it looked very similar to what she used to purchase. She got excited when I showed her and didn't when I showed her the nam doc mai.

I don't know...I don't think it looks anything like a banana either. Maybe more so than a Tommy Atkins but it's still a stretch.

Honestly, I think renaming varieties is irresponsible and shows a companies lack of trust in their customer's intelligence. I like accurate details, not companies dumbing down my food purchases by advertising to the LCD. Oh course, this company also sells a "drippy elbow" mango and an "eat me" mango so there you go.

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Madam Frances, mangoes are the favorite here in Hispaniola of the Haitian immigrants, In the Dominican Republic this mango is called Madam Frances and Haitian Mango.

they are pretty good tasting, big, but a bit fibrous. there is a similar mango called Pascual, its a bit bigger, actually its the biggest mango second only to one they call ( mans head ) which is almost extinct here. Cabeza de hombre I have only seen twice, the biggest one was the size of a basketball I think it weighed 13 lbs or something like that.

Ok getting back to Pascual, it has an intense mango flavor and is a bit more acidic, imagine a Mango citrus fruit. the fruit is so big, 1 is all you'll need to get your mango fix. they were my favorite this year at the mango festival.

I will try and get to editing my Mango festival video, and get it up on You tube soon. there should be a few shots of Madam Frances, Pascual and many others, the one absent this year was "Mans Head", I am told only 2-3 trees are left, I will be trying to get my hands on a fruit to see if I can get one started, it would be a shame to lose this curiosity even if the fruit isn't the best tasting mango in the world.

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