Anyone buy from Burpee??

decogrlDecember 31, 2006

I just received the 2007 Burpee Catalog with a gift certificate and I am trying to figure out what to try and what annuals have the most success grown from seed. I want something different that I cannot easily get from a local store. Any suggestions?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

In my experience, Burpee has been a good, reliable company, and seeds have been as written. Interestingly, Burpee and PineTree are the only companies which [for me] have never shorted the seed-count.

Your success in growing from seed is -except for the very easiest plants- mostly dependent on proving the proper heat and light as required by the plant. If you've got a good local library, borrow some books on germination; if you've got the cash to spare - buy the Ball company's Red book (it lists the very exact requirements for both annuals and perennials).

You are in a wonderful zone for raising most annuals, so choose those which appeal to you and which will best suit your garden. If you haven't done much growing from seed, start slow -- and remember that having 100 seeds in a packet does not mean you must plant every seed!! Plant just what you need plus 6 or 12 (to give away, if the others all make it). Count the germination + seedling days and backtrack to determine when to plant the seed so as to have the plants ready when the garden is ready, provide heat and light to the seed's requirements, use a fan to provide a gentle breeze, and water from the bottom. Have fun.

This year, my annuals garden will be a mix (okay, it usually IS mixed-up, lol) of annuals and tender perennials. I'm planning the front bed to have white marigolds, several salvias including salvia farinacea; dahlias from seed; angelonia; tall zinnias in pink and purple; minature sunflowers; and edged with pelagonium (Maverick star from seed) and short ageratum. I'll probably put a couple dwarf cannas in there, also, along with some lily bulbs and perilla in the back. Note that there is nothing really difficult listed -except possibly the angelonia, and all of those flowers suit my local area for heat, drought, and humidity tolerance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ball RedBook

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