Only a few things could be worse...

marinfla(10 South Florida)November 14, 2010

My sinuses have been a mess and after 3 sinus surgeries in less than 2 years my ENT sent me to get allergy tested for respiratory/ inhaled allergens that cause rhinitis. I am so shocked to find out I am highly allergic to the pollen of MANGO TREES!! I am not allergic to the fruit or life would be over as I know it. Thank God I can still eat as much fruit as I want. I asked the allergy specialist if I had to get rid of my 10 trees and he said no. I just have to stay out of my back yard early in the day when the pollen is most likely to go airborne and use steroid nasal spray during the season. He reviewed his impression of how and when the mango pollen counts rise. I am not completely sure about his explanation though. My skin is still pocked with welts 3 days later where they injected the mango pollen antigen. I love mangoes way too much to let this stop me unless it becomes a life and death allergy! Anyone else have this problem??

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wow. even if you get rid of your trees it would e impossible to escape mango pollen in south florida. i guess you know now not to take a huge whiff of the panicle

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Yeah, that's exactly what the doctor said. there would be no point getting rid of all my trees because the pollen is everywhere. LOL no big whiff's of any flowering fruit trees in my future :)

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

sounds like this guy on another forum. he grew this huge, productive mango tree in a part of california where it is nearly impossible to do so...grew so big it blocked the walking path and he was allergic to the leaves that brushed on him when he walked by so he removed his tree :(

sorry to hear about the allergy... :(

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

My sympahies on the allergies. Believe it or not I can relate. I have and have had allergies to many fruits and animal hair as well. While I am not skin allergic to mangoes, many times after eating a mango, I get this intense intching in the back of my throat and have to deal with the urge to sneeze. This is followed by a stream of sneezes until the sneezing sort of scratches the itch of the back of my throat. Aside from mangoes, I get the same reaction to lychee and cantaloupe. Animal hair just makes me get all clogged up and then the sneezing starts. I have always taken the approach that exposure therapy is the way to go. I have had 4 dogs and 6 cats at one time and, as you know, I have a few mango and lychee trees. Afterall, the exposure method is what allergists rely on for treatment. They inject you with the allergen and then your body eventually develops an immunity to it. My allergies have gotten better over the years, but they are not gone entirely. The nasal steroid sprays work wonders to deal with this during your on going exposure therapy. Take care, but keep eating fruit.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I am SO sorry Marin, that's just terrible! Of all the things that you could have been allergic too...WHY Mango pollen? It really could be worse, I knew a guy that was so allergic to the mango fruit, after eating them, he broke out in severe hives/itching and his lips swelled up! He had to go to the emergency room! OMG, Thank God that didn't happen to you, like you said life as we know it would be over. Hang it there!

I feel for all that have allergies, I have them too...I'm just so glad I'm not allergic to Mangoes...just the thought of it makes me have panic attacks,lol...

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Gee,that guy should have pruned and not cut down.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

@ Tammy@ Nancy--LOL I know, I am just as allergic to olive tree pollen too, good thing I have no obsession with them too :)

@ Harry-- I agree with u completely....shots versus whiffing pannicles-- Hum I will whiff away. I had been tested 20 years ago and the antibody theory is true because all the things I was allergic to then I am not now....all the allergies I have now did not exist back then. As long as I can eat my fruits I will be happy!

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The first thought that came to mind was ... mango pollen time is the time to take your vacation to the frozen North where they don't have mango pollen. You'd still be at home for mango eatin' time.


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