Tomatoes have quit blooming - help!

chrisro(8LA)May 30, 2010

My better boy tomato plants have put on tomatoes and are getting ripe at this time. These were of the first blooms after planting. My problem is now they are not blooming and if they are, they are not producing tomatoes. We have had only about 1-1/2 inches of rain in the last 2 months and we have been watering periodically. I did put 8-8-8 in the hole when planting and have fertilized again approximately 6 weeks ago with the same. I'm wondering if I should use miracle grow on the leaves. Can anyone help? Thanks

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

MG on the leaves has often lead to burned leaves. You should fertilize at least once a month. I fertilize weekly with a 1/4 strength fertilizer.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Are your plants in containers or in the ground? Makes a big difference when it comes to feeding and watering. I'm guessing in-ground since you mention "in the hole"? In-ground plants I feed approx. every 6 weeks. In containers I feed weekly.

Blooming and ripening does go in cycles normally so it may just be timing. Then again if they bloom but don't set fruit it could be a condition related to air temperatures called "blossom drop". There is a FAQ here about it with details.

Lastly, does the plant otherwise appear healthy with no signs of pests? Or is it possible you have been over-watering? How much as how often?


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Dave, thanks for the info. It is possible it is "blossom drop" as the places where the blooms should be look dead. I will check FAQ on this.

They are not as healthy as they should be as the bottom leaves are turning yellow with black spots. Do you know what this or cause? Probably a FAQ on this also, I will check

Thanks again, Chris

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I'm in the panhandle of Florida by Destin. Our weather has been hot and humis the past two weeks. When the wx gets this hot the plants won't set fruit. Just the way it is!! You aren't doing anything wrong, nature just has it's own rules!!


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Thanks Bing, I am in middle Louisiana and our temps have been as high as 95 and humid. I guess I just don't remember having this problem before. Usually the better boys continually bloom, however I have not been spraying with miracle grow like I normally do.

I have new space which my husband covered with a cage to keep the squirrels from eating the tomatoes. I put several bags of composted cow manure when we were preparing the ground in early spring and I think this has been beneficial. Do you know about the yellowing leaves with black spots? Thanks again.

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Sorry...meant humid, not "humis"!! Google tomato plant diseases or something to that effect. There are lots of sites that show good pics of different problems. Then you can compare to what you've got. Also, "DIGDIRT" is very knowledgeable (much more so than I). Give him another yell. There's early blight, late blight, bacterial spot and a bunch of other problems. I've gotten blight this year and just took up my first plant which has wilt, I believe. Have never has any problems growing in containers but think the very hot and humid weather this early has caused some of this.

cheers and good luck


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PatSteveC(zone 6)

My Better Boys are not doing well. I have one plant that is stunted. It does have a few tomatoes that came on early. But the plant has not grown much since and has just a few "small" flowers. The other Better boy is not flowering. Between the two Better Boys are Early girls which are doing real well. I also have four heirlooms that are beautiful, tall and filled with fruit. My soil was perfect in the beginning. I sent a sample to have it analyzed before planting and amended the soil according to the university's advice. I only fertilized once about a month ago with MG tomato and veg food. I water (with a soaker hose twice a week for 40 min. each time. We are not having much rain and the temps have been in the 90's for two weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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