Growing Colombian Yellow Pitaya

jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)November 30, 2013

I would like to grow Colombian Yellow Pitaya (Selenicereus megalanthus) in our yard (sandy soil) but I am not sure if this plant can survive rainy winters. Would red fruit varieties adapt better to our weather than the yellow ones?

In which season these plants bloom and give fruit in California?

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im certianly no expert, ive been trying to grow several, and have already lost several, but maybe you can learn from my loss
they dont like thier roots wet for extended periods, at least when they are small
i would make sure the soil is fast draining, or, even build it up to a mound...
sand is good, but you also need some compost, or some kind of carbon
usually that holds water, so its a tradeoff, thats why i say build up the soil to a mound or something.
my yard is low, and even with sandy soil, my papaya get root rot unless they (roots) are a couple inches higher than the rest of the yard

like i said, im no expert on dragons though

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Thanks Greenman! I will follow your advice. I just hope that the Colombian Pitaya will have enough time to ripen. According to what I read, it requires 5 month of warm weather.

With regard to rain, I believe that it will not be a problem. After posting my inquiry, my mother reminded me of a dragonfruit that was growing wild in the garden (4 acres) of an abandoned house next to ours. This plant bloomed but never fruited, as there was no other one to pollinate it.

Five years ago, a Spanish developer put down this house and transformed the entire property into a residential complex with seven-storey buildings after removing all trees, some of them more than a 100-year old! I miss the tawny owls, bee-eaters, and other birds that use to perch on these trees.

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does anyone have an ORANGE dragonfruit cutting to trade for a rooted purple dragonfruit?

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i came here hoping someone had them...
LOL - i was looking also
oh well...

i may try growing from seed.
Have you tried ?
ive grown other cacti, but not dragons.

i found cheap seeds here.
they have yellow and purple...

at the link below, they have cuttings, live plants etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: EBAY dragonfruit Yellow

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)


Thanks for the advice. I purchased 2 yellow Colombian Pitayas and 2 reds (Hyalocereus Purpusii) plants. I planted them in ground and they are doing fine.

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Wait...I need two in order for them to fruit?

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You need to hand pollinate in order to get fruits

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jalilu(Sunset Zone 23/24)

Gama Garden, the yellow Colombian Pitaya is self-fertile i.e. you don't need another one for pollination but you'll have to hand pollinate the flowers yourself for best results. There are a number of videos on Youtube.

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