Damage thus far

rodneysNovember 29, 2010

This papaya seedling & a 1-inch seedling kicked the bucket

My moringa doesn't look too good. The stem looks viable though. We'll see if it grows more branches. I thought moringa was super-hardy?

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

oh no rodney....

i protected my mango trees and they were fine...

cherimoya looking good.

my chayote vine got fried at the top of the arbor but anything under the fried leaves look ok....

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

sorry to hear that Rodney - how cold did it get in Cerritos? Here in Palm Springs we got right around 32 a couple nights, but I've seen no damage yet. My papayas are much larger than yours which definitely helps....

OH, and did you cover the damaged plants at all the night before????


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Tonights' low is forecast at 40 degrees.

It's okay, I have 6 Sunrise papaya & 4 Waimanalo papaya that are 1ft+ tall that look fine. I have 5 1-inch Waimanalo seedlings that don't look the worse for wear. Survival of the fittest, I suppose. No protection, just in the southside of the yard.

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Sorry to hear what happened Rodney. What was the recorded low in your area? I would also position the frost tender plants closer to the home and look into other micro climate methods. I have to check to see if I have any losses, I won't be able to check on my garden until Saturday.

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I put all my papaya inside for the night so they stay nice & cozy.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

oh, what a cozy sight rodneys....I brought some potted mangos inside as well tonight.....i can't remember when it's been this brrrrrrrrrrrr in November......


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No damage so far but I'm keeping my fingers cross. I woke up this morning and had frost on roof and windshield temp. 40F, second day in a week.


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I woke up this morning freezing at 3AM to put on the heater and I checked the temperature outside it was 37F. So I decide to get a coat on and check my gauge in the coldest area in my backyard, 34F!! Last year in the first week of Dec. it was 36F. If this is any indication of the winter to come we are in a shi@load of trouble. Fortunately, there is no damage YET to any of my plants and it warmed up to 75F today but if this cold doesn't ease off our plants might stressout.

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wow thats cold. are you really 10b?

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According to USDA but you can't compare our zone 10B with Miami FL. I can attest to that, I have lived in both climates for a good number of years. Mango K, our weather is really screwed up this year. Our average temperature for Dec.,Jan. and Feb, is 70/50.... that makes us Zone 10B. We have had erratic weather this whole year. We started the year in the high 80's and by the end of the winter we had record breaking rain. Our summer was super mild in fact July's highs were the lowest on record. We also had the highest temperature on record, 113F in Sept. We started Nov. in the 80-90F but in the last two weeks we broke the all time low for this month, how is that for a year? Oh yeah, and we still have Dec.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

it sure has been a whacky CA year, joe.....I don't call it global warming any more, but global inconsistency - the patterns are all screwy.....just hope we have a balmy winter - i think that would be decent justice......(wink!)


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I call it anthropogenic climate change.

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Amen to that Mangodog! We are warming up again, in the mid 70's, in the last two days here in Orange County. I just wish we had some consistency for a least one month.

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We've already set a few records here for Nov. our coldest was 31F.

I believe I need to change my forum name to Wylie Coyote or something.....I fixed one of my sending units for my thermostats and tossed it back in the GH. That next morning, with the lights on, it was in the low 30s in the GH! Turns out while in a hurry (and having my head wedged in a dark/warm spot) I plugged in a string of flashing lights but since they were down between the pots I really hadn't paid attention. Unfortunately we had already had 3 or 4 days of frost on the ground before I realized it. Flashing lights dont warm like non flashing do, one of my cacaos and a potted SDC banana look a little rough. Thankfully everything else looks ok so far. Outside the GHs, banana and guava leaves are fried and the newest growth on my randia fitzalanii and some white sapote grafts got fried too, other than that not too bad.

It got cold but the duration of time below freezing wasn't too long, that helped for sure.


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