Guava Fungi?

gnappiNovember 9, 2011

I have two guava with a fungus of sorts with BOTH sides of the leaves affected. The top side has a black type while the bottom is a white type.

I've sprayed with copper, and Neem. I heard that a "sulphur" spray will work to kill it but I haven't found a sulphur spray locally.

If the pics don't come out, here's a link to the host page

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murahilin(10 fl)

The top looks like sooty mold and the bottom looks like the result of white fly.

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I thought it was sooty mold and white fly. I guess Since Neem has been inefective I'll have to try insecticidal soap, then Volck oil. Thanks.

If anyone has other suggestions I'd appreciate it.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


A few years ago I had some small Garcinia seedlings. Their leaves became black on both sides. I read about this milk-solution (I prefer organic stuff). I drenched the seedlings and rubbed off all the black sooth (it's was very sticky and hard to get off). I repeated the treatment a few times, and eventually the plants perked up. From your picture it looks the same that my Garcina plants had.


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When I go to your host page and zoom in, it appears I can see a couple whitefly on the leaf. Be careful with Volck, or any oil, as it can cause burn damage in the Florida sun (plus may not be that effective either). Whitefly can at time be difficult to control, especially when it migrates from another local source/host. Did this just start ? Do you have any other plants around with whitefly ? Sometimes the best control for whitefly are its natural enemies, and insecticides can kill those beneficial insects.


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