Worm source in Malaysia

organickJanuary 12, 2006

I am starting a small worm box to compost my household food scrap but getting worms seems to be quite tricky.

I have ordered from The Worm Man, Malaysia and it's been almost 10 days yet I haven't heard from them. I tried to ask the local agriculture department and no one seems to know whom to contact. USM has such projects running but I couldn't get in touch with the professor in charge.

Didn't buy from pet shops because I can't identify the worms. No, I can't get worms from the yards cause it serves as a car park (no digging).

So, could anyone know of any other source to get worms for composting?


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organick, Are you in Alaska or Malaysia?
Anyway, I had the same problems as you in getting suitable worms. The place to go to in the Agriculatural Department is the Crop Protection Division at Jalan Gallager, KL. That's where I got mine about 18 months ago. You need to place an order first. Takes sometime, though. My worm population has just recovered from a near holocaust last year - otherwise I'd be very happy to let you have some of mine. Perhaps in a few months, if you can wait that long!

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Anong28, thank you for your information. Actually you are the reason I join GW (surprise!). I googled and found your posting about getting your worms from Agriculture Department. However, I didn't contact you as you were busy saving your worms. I am happy that your population is recovering now. :)

Oh yes, I am from KL, Malaysia. I have to choose one of the states during registration, so ended up with Alaska :).

Thanks for offering your worms. Let me try to contact the Crop Protection Division and see how it goes. Nevertheless, I wish that I can get some worms from you in the future as it means that your worms are doing great!

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sqh1(z7 NC)

You might try looking at this website that has a long, worldwide listing of worm growers.

Here is a link that might be useful: City Farmer

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IÂm so glad that IÂm not alone.

IÂm also in KL and IÂve been looking for worms. IÂve dug and found some, but not nearly enough and those found donÂt do well in captivity. My friends and even family think IÂm nuts. The Worm Man doesnÂt reply my mails - IÂm beginning to think he is but a webpage.

The Crop Protection Division told me that they only supply to farmers and not individuals.

I would really like to get my bin going. Any more ideas?

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ailin, the worms you dug aren't the ones suitable for the worm box.
I didn't know that the Agricultural Department no longer supplies to individuals.
There is someone else called Zaman from Malaysia who said he rears worms on a big scale - both EF and LR. Hopefully Zaman could respond and help Ailin and Organick out. Please see an earlier thread at http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/verm/msg0401515111160.html?19

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Ailin, I came across some posts teach about "harvesting" worms in the yards. If you have the luxury (since you mentioned that you dug somewhere), maybe you want to try that. Basic idea is that you dig a hole in your yard and threw in some food for the worms to attract them. Do read thru all of them to get the exact steps to make sure only worms are attracted.

Oh yes, my family also have that funny look when I told them about the worms. :)

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I have found many small, thin worms in my finished regular compost bin before. My regular compost bin is a concrete structure with no base (i.e. the compost sits on the bare ground) and a one-foot opening in front. I believe the worms are PE. I tried putting them in a small worm box with the compost I found them in, but they either escaped or died.
I wonder if you have managed to get hold of some composting worms, organick and ailin? If you have not and are still interested, I could pass some cocoons from my bin to both of you. I think they are easier to send to you and might have a better chance of survival. If you still are, my e-mail address is gwormmother@yahoo.com. You can contact me there and we'll see how we can proceed from there. You will need lots of patience, though, as it takes sometime for the cocoons to hatch.

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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

Sounds to me like one of you need to get into the worm business to me!!!

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Dear fellow worm nuts out there.I too is from Malaysia(Sungai Siput,Perak to be exact)I am into vermicomposting for nearly two years now but sorry to say that I have very little to shout about. The worms I use are all local varieties which I dug from a nearby cow shed ( manure worms?), some I bought from the pet shop which are for fishing baits and some I bought from someone who said it is the african nightcrawlers.I really don't know which is which now.
Since I don't have much success with these worms, I suppose these are not very suitable for composting.I have been looking for this redworm (eisenia foetida )for quiet a while now but without any success.I contacted Dr Hasnah of USM Penang ( the worm lady!) but was advised to use the local worms. The redworm or EF is a temperate worm it seems and is not very suitable for our tropical climate.All the same I am still very keen to try out this worm.Can anyone who knows where to get this worm please help?
Last week it was reported in the News Straights time that a gentleman in Tapah has sucessfully grown tons of worms. A picture of the worms accompanied this article. Can anybody identify this particular worm and is it suitable for vermicomposting?

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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

Guys I don't know if this will help or not but here is a link to a set of forums for people that raise all kinds of exotic fish in Malaysia. I will bet you that some of them know where to get red wigglers in Malaysia. They feed them to these fish all the time.

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I am one of those newbies trying my luck at vermicomposting. I've read articles from the net and seems like wonderful and easy thing to do. But I am at my wits end when it comes to sourcing the EF locally. I am in Negeri Sembilan. Can anyone help. Tried Jabatan Pertanian, but it seems that they also have problems obtaining the worms from importers. Apparently the Quarantine department detected some diseases in the worms and rejected the order.

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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

Hi, I may be wrong but I will bet that you have red wigglers in the ground where you live. Ef's are nothing anything special that has to be bought from somewhere far away. If you know of a farm nearby that has animals like cows sheep or such you will find reds where their feed is on the ground or under where their feces piles up. I may be wrong but I bet they are there. Put some old cow doody in a bucket with some sawdust in it dampen it throw in a few worms and some shreded newspaper to give the worms a place to go to get away if the mix heats up and just give it a little time. You should have baby worms in a few weeks if there were any eggs in the manure. Might be quicker than searching for some overseas.

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Cendana of Negeri Sembilan, if you want to get some worms,try contacting one En Kamarul Zaman from Kajang. He has a worm farm and is selling his worms.I had just ordered some from him.Better be quick because he is harvesting them at the end of the month.

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sqh1(z7 NC)

ssmah wrote: The worms I use are all local varieties which I dug from a nearby cow shed ( manure worms?), some I bought from the pet shop which are for fishing baits and some I bought from someone who said it is the african nightcrawlers.I really don't know which is which now.

The worms you dug from the cow shed are probably the exact right worm for composting. EF's are "manure worms", live in the top 8-10" of the soil, and do not build permanent burrows. I would go on collecting these worms, as they will be very happy in a bin. The larger nightcrawlers from the bait store do not thrive in a bin. Go with what you find locally, like the cow shed worms and just use those worms, (as many as you can collect).

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Thanks ssmah for the info.I would further appreciate if you could furnish me with contact address/phone nos/or general direction of En. Kamarul Zaman of Kajang. As it is I have started a small plot for the worms (a medium size water storage tankful of lawn clippings and cow manure) and I think its ready to accept the worms already. Thank you also sqh1,I have also followed your suggestion on worms from the dung shed but in another plot(Hoping to make the comparison).

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Hi everyone.
I've been hibernating for a while, for some technical reasons.

I have now almost given up on my EFs although there is still a box which I keep and it's not doing too badly.

I have found that PEs are more easily looked after.

When my worm population recovered, I found that more than half of the worms in my bin were not the juvenile EFs that I thought they were, but were PEs. It was only when the clitellum appears that I realised my error. The PE cocoons must have migrated to the bin via the feedstock.

I then started a new bin (smaller) with fresh bedding (cardboard pieces, of course) and food, and picked out every single adult EF I could find in the original bin and transferred it to the new bin. I then maintained the original bin with the PEs.

Guess what? The PEs multiplied like crazy and the cardboard pieces and feedstock became wormcast in almost half the time it took the EFs to do the same thing.
I also found that the PEs are more hardy (at least in my backyard) and can tolerate higher temperature and moisture.

I mentioned earlier my regular compost concrete bins (on ground). The OM used in the bins was almost 100% garden waste (grass, twigs, dried leaves, etc). When I harvested the second on-ground bin (the one in which I put the half-finished compost from the first on-ground bin) in March, I found a large number of PEs. But they looked rather pinkish, unlike the ones in my bin. Anyhow, I collected them and dumped them in a styrofoam box and maintained it like I did the original worm bin. After a couple of weeks, I discovered that they looked just like the PEs in the original bin - deep red with a purplish tinge. I concluded that the worms from my regular compost did not have enough nutrients.

So, about 6 weeks ago, I dumped the worms I collected from the on-ground bin back into the bin and started to add leftovers/rotting fruits, vegetables, etc from the kitchen.
Last weekend, I sorted out the almost-finished compost in the second on-ground bin and discovered at least 4 adult or almost adult PEs in every handful of compost.

Since my main concern is to get more compost for my vegetable and flower beds, I have turned the second concrete bin into an on-ground wormbin, with PEs in residence.

I am still picking out EFs from the original bin, and putting them in the EF bin. But getting less and less.

The lesson I've learnt this past year is, stick with the native worms!

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Hi Everyone. Rest assured that I am Malaysian although here I might be registered as Alaskan. Just to bypass the registration problem about the zip code.

Just some question as I am residing in Australia but will try to set up a worm farm for my mum when I am next in Malaysia.

I have been composting in my garden for quite a while. The worms came to the compost heap on it's own. The problem I have was that if I bury the kitchen waste in it, mice would come to feast off it. Started a samll worm farm, one of those stackable tray design so that I can be free of the mice problem as it is quite vermin proof. Collected worm from the heap, big, maroon coloured worms. Probably EF as they emit that yellowish liquid from their body when I pick them up. They are not call E fetida for nothing. But otherwise am not too sure.

They compost fairly well. And thus I will start one for my mum when I am next back there.

This forum is useful as it gives possible source of worms without having to establish a compost heap to attract them. Gardens in KL are not so big unless you are one of the lucky few.

My question are

1) E Fetida (Tigar) and L Rubellus (Reds) are of European origin. Are they now endemic in Malaysia?

2) Anong28 report using PE. Would that be P Elongata or P excavatus? I have read that P excavatus (Blue) is a local worm and breeds well and fast. Faster than EF.

Just to add my 2cents worth. the Night Crawlers are wanderers and if they are farmed, would need to be enclosed to prevent them moving about too much. FYI, when I till my garden, I found some "blue" worms therein. Not sure what species but when I put them into the worm farm, will always find them on the lid of the farm. After a couple of days, released them back to the garden.

Just for info, EF will not catch fish due to the liquid that they excrete. So cannot be used for your panching or udang galah trips.

Just a question for Encik Zaman here. Being a commercial worm farmer, have he encountered any serious predators on his worms? Besides flatworms, have he come across any other known predators?


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I've been using worm cast for quite sometime and found it incredibly good for my farm. I had also been trying to look for worms to do some home culturing. Had some worms but failed to expand. I had since given up the culturing as it needs more than just interest but also must be passionate enough to take care of these delicate creatures. I also notice that there's another worm breeder. Do try browsing through mybioworm.com . I have tried to contact them for worm supplies but they are not selling their worms, only worm casts. Had since got my suppies of wormcast from them.

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I have been culturing worms that I sourced from Zaman ( a great guy, knows whats there is to know about vermicomposting). It's been almost a year now that I have been dealing with worms.I guess I have been lucky so far. The worms population are multiplying and I am havesting the vermicompost too. I agree with heman - 2007 , it need more than just interest but must be passionate enough to deal with the worms.So far I have been using the vermicompost in my garden, the results have been rather impressive.In fact some of the neighbours have been asking for them to use in their garden too. Hi ssmah, how are you doing with the worms? Thanks for leading me to zaman .

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Hi, I am a newbie in apartment gardening and I was finding ways to compost in my mini apartment and I found out that the best way is to create a worm bin. I would like to know if there's a place that sells the odorless wormbin composter, maybe in the Klang Valley.If not, what type of container should I get to make my own. I would like to put it under my kitchen sink or outside the balcony.

I would like to know from the experienced ones, does it smell badly? Is it advisable that I put it under the kitchen sink( i have a small kitchen).

If I have the answers for my questions above , I think I'm gonna get started with germinating worms from fresh cow manure from a farm I know.I would like more suggestions for my project.

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refer to The stars, consumer Association of Pinang is running this project and also selling the worms, they are giving out pamphlets as how to preparing the vermibed before introducing the worm. Try this number 048299511

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Is the Star newspaper classified section safe to use as bedding for worms?

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Hello. I'm just starting out but am quite eager to start my own vermicompost project. It's just for personal use. Novice tree hugger here :).

So anyway, I did my research and obtained the things needed ie DIY vermicompost bin, the substrates etc. I thought obtaining worms are as easy as going to the aquarium shop to buy worms for bait. They don't sell worms in Bangi and Kajang area where I live.

Of course I could collect some from my garden but from what I've read, they don't do too well in captivity. I've also tried Earthworms.com.my and they're willing to sell me a minimum of 1 kg of African Nightcrawlers for about 250 - 300 ringgit. I don't think I'm ready to have a large scale farm yet. Tried Universiti Putra Malaysia but couldn't seem to get a hold of the person responsible of the division.

Now, I would appreciate it if any of you could help me in: 1. suggesting companies/individuals who sell these worms for small scale household vermicomposting, 2. selling these worms to me if you have some to spare. I'm not fussy about the species. I know the local breeds are more adaptable. African Nightcrawlers are cool though :)

Thank you for your help and time.

PS: my last resort would be to either dig my tiny garden or visit any cow farm to search for the worms in the cow dung.

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Garden worms are probably not composting worms. Any worm you find under cow dung probably is. If you can gather a cup full and be patient you will have lots of worms soon. Good luck.

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buy locally.

buying online especially out of states is hard in general you will have shipping problems. go on craigslist put up an ad it's free or jus search it up i am sure their are some people who vermicompost in that area. also you should never really buy from people who are not proffesional salers i mean i did this and i got less worms he said half a pound i only got maybe 20 worms. for $20 -.-". the bedding alone was not even half a pound.

they usually ship on monday's i know that for sure. i highly suggest contacting the company you bought from immedietly if you did not get your worms by now they do not last very long in shipping and you are reliable if they die without cotnacting ASAP. call and tell them you didn't recieve your order they can track it or should be able too.

other then that i really don't know many places that sell worms besides online. try uncle jims tons of people buy from them and i know they are reliable. you can contact them and ask if they ship to your area. this is what i did and they said no since it is illegal to import worms into my state so i had to buy locally. on craigslist. i just typed in something like "red wigglers" or "composting worms" got a few old ad's but i emailed them and 2 replied bought from 1 person though so either way buying locally is the best bet. as for the worms in the pet store ask them what worms they are the pet store should KNOW! it's their job. don't buy meal worms though. majority of pet stores sell meal worms rather then earth worms. bait shops might sell worms as well idk what kind thus asking.

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"PS: my last resort would be to either dig my tiny garden or visit any cow farm to search for the worms in the cow dung."
"Garden worms are probably not composting worms. Any worm you find under cow dung probably is. If you can gather a cup full and be patient you will have lots of worms soon. Good luck."

I got my worms from under a kitchen scrap compost heap.

Possibly ask around some people in the pet trade especially fish or reptile. They probably know someone who knows someone who has red wiggler compost worms. If you see them at their location the worms should be living in not dirt but compost or bedding and kitchen scraps or cow dung and cow bedding.

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Thanks very much, Mendopete, Celbrise and equinoxequinox for the suggestions.
I actually bought some bait worms at a nearby fishing shop/aquarium. I asked the shop owner about the type of worms they sell. He just laughed and said worms are worms. I bought them anyway. I'll write about the update in my new thread 'Vermicompost worms in Malaysia'

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I have worms if you are interested, I see you all struggling to source worms. Mine got no high falutin names, they are compost worms. They do the job is all I care. So let me know if you need any. I sell them at RM300.00 a kilo, counting them one by one is imposible.

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karen low
I wanted to buy your worm but i am in Sabah.
Can u deliver it??
Actually I wanted to buy your worm is for fishing bait.

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Hi...i am new to this forum (Sarawakian)...wanted to buy red wiggler...is anyone interested to let go some of their worms?

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Hi,I am interest to get some African night crawler Anyone can sell? I am in KL

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KL is where?

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KL is in Malaysia, If you have Africain crawler I would like to buy from you. To be specific I am in Petaling Jaya,,To equinoxnoxeqinox

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