The Great Thing About Worms Is

equinoxequinoxJanuary 20, 2012

When you want a pet they are right there to play with. And when you don't want a pet just ignore them. Even for a month. This is especially handy if you have to travel a lot. To extend the time between feeding put in kitchen waste whole without chopping or blending or freezing. Then the worms can feed on new food every day as the decomposition process makes the food available. Of course add tons of bedding. This way even feeding once a month will work. That is actually the great thing about worms. Want fun... they are there to play with. Want to be left alone for months... no problem. They are there when you are.

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And you don't have to walk them, lol.

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Wormers enjoy scoopin' their poop!

(A stroll through some of our local parks shows that some dog owners lack the same enthusiasm with their pets).

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They live a great lifestyle: eat, poop, sex, leave the world a little better place. Perpetually productive, perpetually chill. We humans could learn a lot from worms.

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This is a great post! Worms changed my life. Everything I plant now really grows. My soil is dark and rich, with lots of nutrients. I feel good about recycling so much stuff; newspaper, cardboard, food scraps from two families, leaves, etc. I don't have to turn a compost pile ever again. I'm never bored with worming. I can use it as an excuse to get out of doing things because I have to feed the worms, shred paper, tear cardboard, etc.. I meet new people, nice people, all the time that have worms. I learn something new about the worms all the time.

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they make a nice snack too!


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You can keep them in a small space. They will consume kitchen waste all year (no major slow down for winter - they do move slower when cold). If you have a big enough herd they will consume your waste paper and junk mail and no one is taping credit card offers back together to steal your identity after the worms work it over :)
The castings are a fantastic part of seed starting, potting mixes and outdoor soil amendment.
You can start small, cheap or even free.

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