Pomegranate never blooms

newbluebirdNovember 13, 2010

I live in Fort Worth, Tx and have a Wonderful pomegrante, at least 15 years old. This tree gets full sun almost all day, early morning and late afternoon (4pm on) shade. Adequate water. I don't fertilize, but it seems very green, very healthy, grows extrememly vigorously, too much so, a real monster. Planted in alkaline, black clay-type soil, on the south side of a 7ft fence, in a side yard/vegetable garden, about 30x25ft. No insect or disease problems, have never seen any cold damage, no dieback, so assume is in a protected niche, St. Augustine grass stays green most of winter in same area. If this tree has ever had a single bloom on it, I missed the event. Not one, so the problem is not that it's not fruiting, but that is all I have ever been able to find discussed. No one says anything about not blooming, advice is always about after it blooms. There is no questions this tree is mature, I've had it I bet 20 years now. Are there trees that are duds, just never bloom? Thanks for any advice anyone may have!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Where did you originally get the tree? Was it grown from seed or propagated vegetatively (grafted, grown from cutting or airlayer)?


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When grown from seed how long before it blooms,or does it bloom? I am curious for right now I am sprouting some seeds bagie method, they are starting to sprout, will they do better in a large container or in ground? Central texas, location. I had a tree but DH wacked it out with the weed eater, and it did not come back. have another one clearance at Lowes 1 Whole dollar!

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