Dasheri Mango

MangoDocNovember 11, 2011

Does anyone here on the forum know where in Florida I might find a Dasheri Mango tree for sell?

Zills doesn't have them and Gary is out of the Country, and Richard at Excalibur doesn't carry them either.

Looking for a 3gal or 7gal if someone has one.

Thanks, Joe.

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desimango(San Jose 9)


I'd be interested also if you find a source. I've heard it called Duseheri also.

Some good reading:



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Its not propagated by any of the major nurseries in Florida to my knowledge, and the number of known Dasheri trees in the state can probably be counted on one hand. You would probably have to graft it or get someone to do it for you.

Its not even in the listed collections of the USDA or TREC. The Fruit and Spice Park has a tree listed on their old website as 'Dasher', could be Dasheri without the 'i'. FTBG may also have a Dasheri in their collection but you would have to inquire with them. There may be some surviving trees in the Manatee County area on the west coast from earlier introductions made there.

Cultivars directly introduced from India have historically been disappointing in Florida though (Malika, a Neelum x Dasheri cross, being an exception). So you may be better off with something else anyways.

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gabodymod(10 SoFla)

Dont know where you can get one (will find out). The name is Dashehari.I think you have one already, do you have a Malika (parentage is neelum x dashehari). If I had a choice my pick would be Anrapoli which is a dwarf tree, fiberless but small fruit & late.

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desimango(San Jose 9)

Thanks for the responses. I have a mallika and have also read it was a Neelum x Dasheri cross and while most people say it's the best of both worlds, my personal experience in India tells a different tale. Boy, I can't say for certain which varieties I've tried but I can say that quite a few of them have been better than anything I've been able to purchase in California. Most family members would concur. Now, I haven't purchased any of the very expensive imports available but I'm not willing to pay $35 for a small box of mangos.

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Broward Rare Fruit and Veg Council has one. I'm sure Fairchild Farm has one as well.


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