Planting in the Winter or wait till spring?

NatsGarden123(10a)November 29, 2011

I recently bought a peach tree from Hopkins nursery, at the plant show at Mounts. He told me to keep the peach tree, well watered, in the pot until spring. So far it is doing very well in the Pot. The guys from Going Bananas also told me to hold off planting until the spring. Has anyone heard this before? Can I plant mangos? Does it have to do with watering?

Looking forward to input :)

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Many tropicals root out over the fall and winter. If you can keep tree well watered and protected from freezes, then it's actually a good idea to plant in the ground. I also like to use this time of year (late Oct) to pot up my potted trees. They root out very quickly during the fall.

Murray Corman (well known 30+ year rare fruit veteran) wrote an article on winter planting here.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I agree with Jeff on tropicals being plantable...with proper watering and cold protection. But peach is a temperate tree. I would think that winter or fall planting would be even less of an issue with a peach tree than it is with tropicals. But I am no expert on temperate fruit trees.


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I agree with Harry and Jeff. This is the best time of the year to plant your trees and let them spread their roots during the winter.


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Thanks for the great info and advice. I'm really happy that i can plant now that the weather is much cooler. :)

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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

What do you guys think the minimum trans-planting (pot-ground) temperature is with a mango or banana tree?

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I know the ground temp is in the 50's in the winter down here. I would look at the forecast and wait for a warm week in the 80's and plant. BTW,Haden and Edward are very nice mangos that do OK in my area.


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just a few other questions..I do appreciate the help :)
I am going to keep the peach in the pot like Hopkins advised
( I killed a peach once). And Im watering it every day like he said. Sometimes the water seems to run through so any hints to make sure that the soil and roots are getting enough water?
As far as the mangoes, it was cold last night here, about 50, is it still ok to plant?

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I honestly can't think of a single reason why it would be better to wait until spring to plant the peach tree. Now is a perfect time to plant peaches. Gives them time to get their roots esablished before the hot weather comes back and I would bet that you will get much better growth over the spring and summer if it had all winter to root out. Either way though, Peach trees grow like weeds so it will probably be fine whether you plant it now or not.

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