morgan_3January 23, 2012

I was quick browsing old postings here and came across a thread on "Wild Mushrooms". The reason for my interest was a comment made to me by a vermiculturist friend about using vermicompost to start a mushroom box. She said she purchased some Portabella mushrooms from a grocery store and broke up the heads to start the culture.

I have not tried this myself, and wondered if anyone had experience using vermicompost to grow edible mushrooms.

Something else which caught my attention was a link posted by equinox x 2: Mushrooms Can Save the World

This is a must see video for anyone who has not seen it and is interested in saving the environment. It's a bit heady, but you will get the just of it, I'm certain. I had chills running up my spine thinking about a certain politician who wants to give our national forest trees to the Chinese to pay for our countries loans.

Cudos equinoxequinox ... I plan to pass this video along to as many friends and family as I can. You did well with that one.

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I have been thinking about getting some button mushrooms but had not thought that it was as easy to start as what your friend seems to think. The mushrooms have to be sexually mature in order to get spores to start. I'm really interested in hearing more about this. Spent mushroom compost is supposed to be really good for adding to the garden.

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I'm sure your right on the maturity issue patrick. I have read a little in the past and composted horse manure I believe was mentioned for a media. I have plenty of that on hand.

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I've been reading on mushroom growing but had been tending toward oyster and shiitake kits and these like wood growing mediums (kits may also use coffee grounds).

You can buy kits which have the spawn inoculated compost in a box. More or less it is just add water and in a few weeks harvest. But you pay a premium. These will grow, with dormant periods, until they deplete the nutrients. If VC can be easily mixed in or on the kit this could yield a large harvest for the initial cost.

More garden projects.

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Only thing I know about self picked wild mushrooms, when you cook them always leave one uncooked to give to the doctor in case of emergencies :).

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