Mango getting ready to bloom?

Bigstick62November 23, 2012

Hi Everyone. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I live in Port Saint Lucie, Florida (zone 9)and have several mango trees in my yard. I noticed that most have swollen terminal buds and some appear to be getting ready to bloom. Is this stage of blooming shown below on my Graham Mango tree normal at this time of year? I'm worried if this is too soon, I won't get any delicious fruit next year **sniff** as the cold frosty months are normally Dec-Feb. Thanks for your replies.

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looks like inflos. you can protect your mangos by building pvc frames and covering with a thick clear plastic sheeting if there's a chance of frost, and if there's a hard freeze, add a string of Christmas lights or a heating lamp.

you can search this forum for past posts about frost protection.

not sure about Graham, but most NDM do bloom this time of year. mine started blooming about 2 weeks ago.

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