Patio Orange Tree

judyckNovember 24, 2012

I have a 5-6 year old Patio Orange tree which is about 8 ft tall and healthy looking. It has never had a blossom on it, (much less a fruit). Is there anything I can do to inspire it to bloom? I set it outside for 7-8 months when it is warm, & it gets lots of sun in the winter.

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Do you know if the tree was grown from seed or propagated via cutting? Many citrus take about 7 years or more to produce if they are grown from seed. Cuttings are the same age as the parent and bear fruit much sooner. Most cuttings are grafted onto a more favorable rootstock to gain advantages. The graft will still be visible on the plant if it was grafted. Make sure the tree is being fertilized properly. If in container it probably needs to be fed at least once or twice per month. A hungry tree will not produce.

There are lots of great experts and data located on the garden web citrus forum.

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I bought the sapling at the Florida's Natural Visitor's center. I don't know if it was grown from seed, but it is possible. One clue might be that it has 3" long thorns. I think that means it was not grafted.

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Many citrus have thorns on them so growing from seed would not impact this. I have a grafted lime with some really wicked thorns (not three inches) Check towards the bottom if the tree for a graft scar. It will truly look like a scar from something traumatic. If it is grafted, it may be from lack of fertilizer.

Post some pics on he citus page. Some of the experts may help identify the plant and then further diagnose its non blooming status.

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There is no graft scar. I am including a picture of the tree. I will also put it on the citrus page if I can figure out how.

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If it is not grafted, it may just be coming to fruiting age.

It for sure needs some more food and maybe a bigger pot. I use Foliage pro and can be purchase at many home stores or eBay.

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