Spondias in California?

stanofhNovember 26, 2010

A member of the hardy palm board posted of her tree in south Florida loaded with mango looking fruit. Reading a bit on the internet(watching football and eating T-day leftovers,I do it all!)about the plant-seems like it should do well ,even in a pot.

California growers?

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Spondias is an entire genus of fruiting trees, most popular is "golden apple" or its relative dwarf amarella "June Plum" Mombim or "hog plum" are also in this genus.
june plum is called pomcetheye in the West Indies. they are so dwarf and prolific they sometimes can fruit themselves to death. makes a neat specimen, perfect for container, i would rate the fruit as fair out of hand but i bet is excellent when prepared correctly

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I have a spondias dulcis (dwarf ambarella) that just finished flowering and set multiple fruits. I've had it about 3.5yrs, it is in a 7 gal pot and is about 5' including the pot. It gets brought into the greenhouse for winter. I do enjoy the fruit, I've not tried them green with chile/lime/fish sauce but I've had varying stages of orange fruits. On the underipe side they taste sort of like crunchy pineapple. When they are fall off the tree ripe they are much smoother textured and sort of sour mango like?

If you have room they are nice fruits to grow because of their fruiting times and the flavor is good in my opinion.


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newgen(9 Central California)

I've seen it at a few residences in Orange County, I really like the fruit, either green or ripe orange, but kinda prefer it green and crunchy. I eat it with a paste made os salt & red pepper. I'm salivating just thinking about it. It's also pretty good pickled.

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Hmm.Lets see some pics! Ethan,sounds worthwhile-where do I get one?
Your greenhouse is unheated?

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Sorry Stan,
no pics this time of year, it is in the GH with the rest of the plants and looks like a green mass of leaves amongst more green leaves. I do heat my GH now, normally just a few strings of Christmas lights but this year I put my cacao plants out there so I'm up to 4 strings of lights, to be safe. I may have ordered mine from Logee's a few years back, not sure? They are not real hard to find with some looking, worst case maybe I can send you seeds or cuttings come spring?


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