Millipedes in the wormery

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)January 31, 2012

About a year ago I started a wormery out of an old plastic water tank to recycle garden waste, mainly grass cuttings and dead leaves. It has been very successful and produced a lot of good quality compost. Last time I turned the soil over,however, I could see very few worms. Instead there were dozens of large, fat millipedes. I understand that millipedes also munch garden waste so that is not too bad. What has happened to the worms though ? Can millipedes drive out worms? - Ian.

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I do not know about millipedes, but centipedes will eat worms. I had an infestation of them once in my outdoor bin which was covered with several layers of burlap. when I pulled the burlap back I saw centipedes scamper. I used a small butane torch to fry them.

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