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shorembo(9)November 13, 2010

I have around 25 pineapples all around my yard. Some are over 6 feet wide. I have gotten 2 fruit in the last 2 years. How do I get these plants to fruit?

Link to pics

I do notice that most of the in-ground ones look yellow-green as oppose to my potted ones which are a rich green.

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They take a year to flower-or more,than another 16 months to ripen.You might try feeding with "bloom" fertilizer,or even a few ripe apples around some of those plants and cover for just a few days-venting during the day of course.
The do great in pots-but you wont get full sized fruit even though they are delicious.

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I have had some of these plants in my yard for 5+ years. I have not tried forcing blooms. How long does it take and when is a good time to do it?


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i would use the apple method. do you cover your pineapples at all in the winter? apple peels release ethylene gas which triggers a bloom, i was asking if you cover them because that would be a good time to put some apple peels under neath them so it traps the gas.

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I don't cover my pineapples in the winter. How does the apple peel method work? Do you just cut up apples and lay them around the base of the pineapple?

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murahilin(10 fl)

How large are your 5 year old plants? It sounds very unlikely that a pineapple plant would not fruit after 5 years in the ground.

If your plants are 6ft in diameter they should fruit this coming year.

I've included a helpful link on how to force pineapples plants to fruit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forcing pineapple fruit

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I reviewed the forcing info. It mentions three possible chemicals that can be used to force the fruiting:
calcium carbide
Naphthaleneacetic acid
B-hydroxyethyl hydrazine (BOH)

Any idea where to get any of these? They don't seem to come up under regular garden supplies.

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cover them in a plastic shopping bag for a week and toss in some apple peels, i would probably do it in a few months right before spring when temps are consistently 70F +

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