Wax Myrtle and arctic freeze and moving questions

ladybugfruitJanuary 27, 2010

So in the last major freeze we had in the Dallas area, one of my Wax Myrtles took a big hit. There are only a few small branches with any green left on them. We will be putting the house on the market in a few weeks, but I want to be sure new owners know what to do if the WM is savable. My thoughts are a hard pruning back? Thoughts?

Also, my Caroline Jessamine ( on a 12 ft trellis for privacy) got hit pretty hard, will it require major pruning to recover? Since I have been gardening, I've never experienced such a cold snap, so I am feeling a little out of my element.

Second question ( ok, third), I will need to be potting up all the babies I will be taking with me. I'm not concerned about my Irises, but what about my daylilies, turks cap and roses ( small still, knock out yellows)? Obviously, the turks cap is only roots right now, but any precautions I should take? These plants are prized to me, as they were my mother's ( deceased) and grandmother's, so I want to do whatever necessary to keep them alive.



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Don't prune anything back yet, it's way too early and we may still have freezing weather.
If possible I'd wait till the very end, dig the plants and move them then. They will be much happier then if you dig them, put them in pots, try to keep them alive through winter, move them and then plant them.
Tally Ho!

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Thanks beachplant! I had planned on waiting as long as possible but had some doubts as to how to proceed. Thanks bunches! :)

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