Carribean Avocado in NorCal..

stanofhNovember 13, 2011

I posted this when I bought the fruit-a huge thing 5x the size of a large Hass. Not much flavor though compared to California Avocado's..but they are popular in Asian recipes. And that size-immense fruit.

Well,here it is a year later or so and its become a 3' potted tree..kept outdoors all year of course. It seems better adapted than a grafted tree to a pot-I've never pruned it and it still grew branches and this nice rounded canopy shape. I'm not sure of the future of this tree..but looks nice now.

Full size

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Sounds like you may have bought a Queen avocado; it was developed in Antigua, Guatemala and I have 3 trees. The Queen is my favorite of the 100+ varieties we have in Guatemala... the home of most modern avocados. If you planted the seed to produce this tree, you will not get the variety that the seed came from; and the chance of it ever producing fruit is about 1 in 4. Pretty, though, so who cares; you can always buy your avocados in the store.

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If this is from seed, the chances of getting fruit are more than likely much worse than 1 in 4. Not only that but seed grown avocados usually grow to extreme heights as far as avocados go (fifty plus feet would not be out of the ordinary, and I have seen them taller than that) but it will be many years before you MIGHT see any fruit, thats of course if you ever do. Also, as stated, IF you were to see fruit, it does not grow true and you will more than likely be disappointed in the quality. If you really want an avocado, it makes a lot of sense to purchase a grafted version of the variety you like. It will fruit in a few years for you and the tree and fruit quality will be much more to your liking.


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Already,It doesnt look like any California Avocado-the leaves are much more blunt and glossy-more tropical looking. I would guess that many years from now 6-8 or so,it should have fruit that will be somewhat like the original. I've grown hass type from pits that ended up being much larger then any store types sold. Just a gut feeling about this Carribean being( close to) true..Also my local area has a TON of Avocado tree's-every other yard has young ones to old huge tree's 30'+..a pollinator is around.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I think it's a nice looking tree. I'd put it into the ground. It will probably take off like crazy. Good luck.

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I'd stick it in the ground as well. You will get fruit eventually. It might not be as good as the original, but it could even be better. You never know with seedlings. No harm in planting it out and waiting to see what happens unless you are short on yard space.

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I think I will-next spring. I really like the leaves and the rounded form. Funny,but a friend of the wife gave me a potted avocado she grew from a pit a couple or three,years ago..I still have it in a pot and its typical stick Avocado,dull green leaves. No real form or branches.

Nobody out there has a pic of one of these tropical Avocado tree's in Florida,tropics or best for me-California?

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Those West Indian avocados do horrible in our climate. I have seen them in SCREC and a good Cuban friend of mine has a 20-25 years old Catalina that he brought from Miami the tree is huge and rarely produces and when it does it's 4-5 avocados only. I would not waste my time planting it. I wanted a large Catalina look-alike avocado and I got a Holiday. It's a nice bushy tree with a flavor 10X better than any West Indian I tasted. I'll take some pics this weekend if I go over his house of the tree so you can check it out. You can also call Julie Frink avocado curator at the SCREC. BTW, that's a beautiful tree!


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That bad J? Well,it at least it makes a nice potted tree. I would take one as a house plant over a Hass for those of you in cold climates..they seem more "tropical house plant" like, then the cool needy California Avocados.

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this is my friends 21 year old catalina, it has 0 avocados this years.

his mamey has a better chance of fruiting

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Thanks J. If you hadn't told me I would never have guessed that's an Avocado.
A potted fun plant I guess..

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