Mamey grafted on lucuma

pikoraziNovember 18, 2011

The canarian agricultural research institute (Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias - ICIA) in the island of Tenerife, has been trying some sapotaceas as rootstocks for mamey. To my surprise the grafts on canistel didn't take, but on lucuma! The one on the picture was flowering profusely a few inches over the ground (sorry i didn't take pictures of the flowers):

Talking about mamey, I'm sharing some pictures of their experimental Pantin orchad... special dedication to JF ;-)


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Nice mamey trees!

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I appreciate these pics Felipe.... those are some incredible looking trees!! I'm very interested with this research keep us updated. Lucuma fruits very well in Socal. I'm going to have to get me some lucuma rootstock to graft on to our California Mamey. Of course I'm not going to do the grafting I suc....I have high hope for my Mamey Magana. I'm hoping it fruits in 3-4 years. It is now flowering so I decide to protected this winter. Felipe, here are some videos from Utube about Magana Mamey.


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Here's another mamey video. :-) It's the pantin variety. He didn't mention the variety, but you can easily tell by the shape of the fruit.

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Jackfruitwhisperer69(11-Madeira Island)

Hi, I wanted to know when is the right time to go to the Canary Island for tropical fruit?, I'm from Madeira Island!

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well, we have tropical fruit all over the year, but i would say maybe september is the month you get the most fruit.

but i have to warn you: tropical/exotic fruit is not that common, so you will find it only in private collections or public research institutes. most people only grow such things as mango, oranges, papaya and avocado. if you are planing to go to the canary islands, i would recommend you in tenerife the 'instituto canario de investigaciones agrarias' and the nursery 'la cosma'.

what are you growing in madeira? here you can see some of the plants i'm currently in ground:

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Jackfruitwhisperer69(11-Madeira Island)

I grow cherimoya's,kei apple,red and yellow cattle guava,normal guava,avocados,loquat's,Jaboticaba,yellow and black grumichama,sour mangosteen,kiwi,yellow and purple passionfruit and blue passionfruit,papaya,sugercane,wine grapes,pineapple,tamarind,coffee,various banana's,white sapote,tamarillo,figs,longan,surinam cherries,macadamia nut,citrus,carob tree,peaches,plums,cherries,pomegranate,sweet granadilla,yellow pitaya,jiro persimmon,lucuma,and natal plums,carambola and mangoes.

Here grafted mangos are very cheap I ordered 5 mango varieties from Centro Fruticultura Subtropical and they will cost me 4.oo euros each this place is very cheap I bought the grumichama for 1.50 each but most of the stuff are not grafted just seedlings! Here's some pics and videos! hope you guy's enjoy it.:)

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Hi Mr Picorazi,
Can you elaborate on the grafting method they used in order to graft the mamey on the lucoma? do you know what time is best for grating the mamey?

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