Please check out my rose selections

mla2ofusJanuary 30, 2009

I thought about putting this post on the rose forum but, with our weather, I figured this forum would have better recommendations. I'm going to be ordering roses soon and would like to stay with the most disease resistant ones I can (also thornless).My list:

Peggy Martin

Jefferson rose

Cl. Pinky

Perle d'Or

Mrs Dudley Cross

G Nabonnand


Thomas Affeck


IYHO which ones are the best for San Angelo area?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I've had all except for Peggy Martin and G Nabonnad and they were all excellent!

Another great rose is Mrs. B.R. Cant. It never stops blooming, is well scented and fully double and I can't remember ever seeing a black spotted leaf, but it gets huge -- easily 10 by 10. So do a lot of other old roses, but Mrs. B.R. Cant does it sooner. It's hard to cut it back as the branches always have buds or blooms. Opps ... you said you wanted thornless and it is far from being thornless.

Thomas Afflect was thornless for a long time, but I've recently noticed a few thorns. Not many though and it is a great rose.

Belinda's Dream is a top notch rose except it is not thornless, but it great in every other way.

You've got a great start list. You might want to add some Austin Roses to your rose garden sometime down the line.

You might get a few more ideas and opinions on good roses for the south on the Antique Rose Forum page. They are a great bunch, but if you hang around there very much you'll get bitten by the "rose bug" and want them all. :-)

Happy rose gardening!

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mla, I think the roses you have chosen are all top rated varieties. I have Peggy Martin (blooming some right now and the foliage is cute!), Cl Pinky (the one my dad had was always totally covered in blooms....I'm still waiting for mine to do the same but they are young yet :)

I agree with Roselee, you "can't" go wrong with Mrs. B.R Cant. She is another rose that is blooming right now in my yard. Also my good ol' Old Blush (few thorns, also!).

Other good thornless or almost that I have that have displayed good disease resistance in my garden are:

*FJ Lindheimer (soft yellow/orange blend)
*Republic of Texas (soft yellow but fades to white in sun)
*Texas Centennial (salmon/vermillion red - striking color)
*Caldwell Pink (lavender pink and blooms its head off)
*Vielchenblau (rambler - purplish fading to dusky bluish gray)
Our Lady of Guadalupe (silver pink - very nice)
Honey Perfume (yellow/orange blend - gorgeous!)

*All available at The Antique Rose Emporium

I do not ever spray so stuff has to be resistant.

You just have to try your selections in your own yard to see if they work for you but you have a good start.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your posts and the extra suggestions too! I'm going right now to look them up then I'll have to check tomorrow and see just how many I have room for. ;^)

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

If you want a pure yellow rose - try Nacogdoches aka Grandma's yellow rose. It's going to be on Texas Superstar list this spring. Nice looking roses that stand out the most of all the roses I have. You could easily spot it driving down the street. Seems like a yellow version of Belinda's Dream???

Trust me, I want to try some of roses that you listed and many more esp China roses! The problem is caliche soil (limestone rocks). I have perfect spot but it's hard work.

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

These are great suggestions, but you said you wanted thornless roses.
Several of these suggestion are no where near thornless, and you will be disappointed if you order them thinking they will be.
Also be warned that many roses that are marketed as "thornless" are not.

Below are the roses I currently grow, or my family grows, that are truly thornless or nearly thornless:

*Jefferson Rose - completely thornless and very healthy.

*Climbing Pinkie - my Mom has grown this one for years and it is not completely thornless, but has few thorns. Extremely healthy plant.

*Mrs. Dudley Cross - very close to being completely thornless. Very healthy, and also easy to root from cuttings.

*G. Nabonnand - this rose very rarely has any thorns on its canes. However, it has lots of tiny prickles underneath the leaf mid-ribs that can easily scratch you, but not really do a lot of damage to you. Very healthy and beautiful plant.

*Heritage - my plant only has a few large thorns near the bottom of the plant. No thorns on the top 2/3 of the plant. I snapped the bottom thorns off and they never grew back. Excellent fragrance & perfect bloom form. Some blackspot during certain times of the year, but not too bad.

Valentine - almost thornless. Occassionally a few thorns will appear near the bottom of the older canes, but not many. Blooms like crazy all season long. Occassionally some blackspot, but not bad at all. A very mannerly, compact grower.

*Marie Pavie & Marie Daly - almost thornless and very fragrant and compact. Pretty healthy too.

Nur Mahal - completely thornless, the smoothest of the smooth. High quality, top notch plant. Luxurious foliage.

Reine des Violettes - If you order from the Antique Rose Emporium, you will get the real Reine des Violettes and it is thornless. Not quite as bullet-proof as some of the others on this list, but it's a real beauty and extra fragrant and I wouldn't want to do without it.

Pink Gruss an Aachen (not the original Gruss an Aachen) - this is the pink sport. Hard to find, but a great plant and almost completely thornless. Roses Unlimited and Vintage carries it mail order, but I don't know of any Texas suppliers that currently sell this pink sport. It's my favorite rose. Some blackspot at times, but always bounces back. Very compact, mannerly grower.

Ducher - a china rose that has very few thorns. Extremely healthy. You'd think it was made for Texas.

Perle d'Or is an excellent rose, but it's no where near thornless compared to the others I've listed. My Thomas Afflect is also a superior rose, but mine has lots of thorns (ARE should not be calling it "thornless"). I don't grow Peggy Martin, but have seen it and it has few thorns.

Best of luck with the roses you decide upon!


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Ohhh! They are all so pretty. I think DH may lose a little more of his lawn. :^) I have only had one rose as we use to live in zone 3/4, plus alkiline soil. I tried a couple but the only one that grew for me was William Baffin. Even after a -30* winter and die-back to the ground it still grew up 6 to 7 foot tall and bloomed all summer. I've never had to deal with BS or rose problems. I don't like spraying so was excited when I saw so may 'disease resistant' roses. I'm going to look up rose gardens and see if I can plan one and get it ready in time for this year. Thank you all for answering my post and giving me so many roses to look for.

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If you do get Perle d'Or, be sure you have plenty of room because it can get huge, but the smell is intoxicating when working in the garden :)

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

If there's anything I learned about growing roses - GO EASY on fertilizing. My Double KO grew to over 6 feet last year after hacking them down to 1 foot. They seem to really respond to alfalfa pellets. I probably will feed only once in the spring and that's it.

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I think I'm already in trouble if a Double KO grows that large. I bought three and planted them 30 inches from the front edge of the bed and only 30 inches apart. Should I move them? I just planted them this fall.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

You should be fine. I planted mine a lot closer than that and they looked fine to me. Looked like one big bush instead of 6! :)

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I placed my orders yesterday with Chamblee's and A.R.E. I changed my list and added a couple that I fell in love with. Here's what I bought
Climbing Pinky
Quietness (size 4' x 3-4')
Mrs Dudley Cross ( 3-6' x 3-4')
Caldwell Pink (3-4' x 3-4')

Miss Lillian Pioneer rose (Pillar up to 8' tall)
Peggy Martin ( 15 to 20 ' tall)

The reason I put the sizes in is that I was going to order Perle de Or but the disciption said it was only 4 foot tall and wide. I don't have the room for a large rose. If you have found that the sizes for the roses I ordered is not correct please let me know so I can adjust where I plant them. Thank you for all the input and advise. I am a total novice with roses.

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alameda/zone 8

I was just at Chamblees yesterday - they have an excellent selection. You will really like Miss Lillian - it is hardly ever spoken of but has a scent I really like. Mine grows tall not wide. Lovely rose. Your other choices are good too. I love Cl. Pinkie and Quietness, just bought Mrs. Dudley Cross yesterday. Caldwell Pink blooms all the time. I heard that Peggy Martin has a spring and fall flush - I wanted more summer bloom so passed on that one. FJ Lindheimer is a rose from ARE that is really magnificent - you might want to check that one out, and I love Coles Settlement too. So many good ones! Have fun..

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

The size stated by Chamblee's is very conservative for 'Mrs. Dudley Cross' based upon its growth in my garden.
By listing it as 3'-6' x 3'-4', that would lead one to believe that it is possible for their specimen to only grow to 3' tall by 3' wide on the lower end of the range.
In my experience, that is ridiculous. You would have to prune the crud out of it constantly to keep it that small and in doing so would ruin its natural beauty.
My Mrs Dudley Cross is many years old, but I could probably keep it at 6' x 4' IF I pruned it fairly often. The plant would be happier being allowed to grow a little larger than that (after several years of course).
It's a fantastic rose, you will love it I'm sure. Try not to crowd it, if you can.


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Thank you for the heads up about M.D.C., Randy. I don't care how tall it gets and I have the area for it to get up to 6 feet wide so I shouldn't have to do a lot of pruning on it. Thanks everyone for all your help.

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It's been my experience that most rose shrubs get bigger than the stated size in the catalogues. Even our Texas nurseries seem to underestimate the size.
Of course, I'm not one for a lot of pruning. I like to let them do what they want.

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