Ruby Supreme Guava Tree in Container

Rodrigo_ANovember 30, 2012

I bought this guava tree on 8/08/2012 and planted it in a container measuring 15" high and 18" in diameter. I'll be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing, I did this just for fun. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Took this picture on 9/06/2012

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Took this picture on 9/25/2012, right before I cut the tips off. It wasn't growing evenly.

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10/03/2012. So far so good.

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I took this picture today (11/30/2012). The tree is growing great, but now I'm concerned the container might be too small. Any advice? Is it hard/complicated to transfer the plant into a larger container without damaging it? Thanks

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Congratulations on your fine-looking plant. Guavas are fairly tough plants and you shouldn't have any problems transplanting it. Before you do it though, you may want to lift the plant from the container and check if it is rootbound or not. If it's not rootbound there is no need to transplant it to a bigger container. Also, my personal opinion is that you can do a litle pruning and cut some of the lower branches to give your plant a tree-like appearance. Now it looks more like a shrub. But then again, this is just a matter of personal taste and opinion and I may be wrong.

Good luck,


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My Ruby Supreme is in the ground 2+ years it hasn't given me one single fruit and I have not been able to keep scale and sooty mold off of it (or the other similar guavas I have) when I get some time, I'm gonna pull it out of the ground.

The only Guavas I've had that don't attract scale and mold are lemon, pineapple and strawberry

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Thanks Nikitas, I'll check this weekend if it's rootbound.

Good luck gnappi. From what I've seen in other forums, it looks like the ruby supreme takes a little longer than others to bear fruit.

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Great looking guava! Looks like you've been doing a fine job. Maybe you can post an updated picture, I'd like to see how it's doing. I planted a ruby supreme guava about a month ago in the ground don't think it's grown as fast or as good looking as yours. :)

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Does anyone know where can I buy a ruby supreme guava tree? I live in Oakland, ca.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Check your local Lowes and home Depot big box stores. Since you're in the northern CA, where there are lots of Asian population. Most of the local nurseries, including the local lowes and HD, seem to order from a southern Ca nursery, called laverne nursery. Laverne supply most of the locally available sub tropical plants/trees to most HD and Lowes through out CA and surrounding states. The carry mangoes, guavas, figs, passion fruit, loquat, white sapote, banana, papaya, avocado and a few, I can't remember atm. Check your local lowes/HD and surrounding big box stores. Not sure about ruby supreme, but the guava variety, I recalled laverne nursery carries, that are supplied to most big box stores were: Malaysian red, Mexican cream, China white, tropic pink & white, lemon and strawberry guava. Tropic pink isn't ruby supreme, but it is very close and some prefer it to ruby supreme. The only difference in ruby and tropic pink is the, ruby is a bit larger and has a neck, looks like a thick neck pear shape guava. Tropic pink is a more traditional round green fruit. Both are green with pink flesh and both very good.

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