MangoDog, here is the Timotayo

jfernandez(10B)November 9, 2011

the fruit

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zands(10b Fl)

Is this your tree? Looking very good. Dripping with mangoes.

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How is the flavor and texture?

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wow, reminds me of India when I used to see fruiting of mango trees. How old is this tree?

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Nice tree and good looking fruit. I am most interested to hear about the fruit once you've had a chance to try them. Please keep us posted.


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Wow, beautiful tree and fruits, especially for California! Like everyone else, I'm very interested in how they taste. What is that yellow fruit next to the mango in the last picture?

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Bushy and loaded with fruit. I'm loving the look of that tree.

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Hello guys,

This pic was taken on 09/17/11 in Santa Ana California.This little tree is 5 years old 9X8 loaded with fruits many had dropped. It had some fiber, sweet , very juice but a bit too turpentinish for me. I tasted 5 fruits ranging from 6-12 oz and they were close in taste... maybe too ripe. I'll try earlier next year.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

so THIS is what my Timotayo is going to become? The way my dud is growing, I think not, jf. Tim Thompson said this was supposed to be a fiberless mango from what I remember. I mean the production is great, but the turpentiny taste sounds yickky!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, my non-growing tree has one more year to shake off whatever it's issues are before it gets the CHOP!!!!!!!

Thanks for posting, jf....


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it's far from being fiberless Gary,

I think I might have gone a few weeks too late. I was monitoring the tree all summer and I went on vacation and forgot about it. I have also seen a fruiting Timotayo in Upland Nursery in Orange, about the same time, and the fruits are identical. Patience grasshopper, let the tree establish it's roots.

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desimango(San Jose 9)

Boy those trees are something to envy. I'm getting mango fever in this cold weather :(

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Hello all,

I am the originator of the Timotayo variety and I wanted to give a little more detail on this variety. I have over 100 mango varieties in my collection. Most are from all over the world and were rated as some of the best for their country of origin. These are my breeding stock for my development project of new California mangoes. The Timotayo is the first mango that I released to the public due to its outstanding eating quality and hardiness in the Southern California climate. My original tree in now about fifteen years old and about the same height. It produces heavily. With adequate watering, the fruit are very uniform in size and average a little over a pound each. They are richly colored and pretty much fiber free. The fruit has a sweet, mild taste. I have sampled hundreds of different mangoes in my travels and I cannot detect any turpentine taste with this one. I have to assume the person who mentioned that must have a very sensitive pallet. I have also conducted many mango sampling events with my collection and the Timotayo has consistently scored very high by those tasting it against some of the world's best mangoes. One interesting point I will mention from my mango sampling tests is that often a husband will rate one mango as the best while his wife rates that one lower than another. I have learned that taste is very subjective.

With my mango breeding program, when I am deciding whether to cull a mango from my breeding program I use sampling by at least ten different people to decide. To pass, they must rate the new mango in the same quality range as Haden, Keitt, Kent, or Glenn. I will be releasing about a dozen new mango varieties which are in the patent process next year.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hi Tim - it's Gary from Palm Springs. We communicated about a year or so ago about the Timotayo I purchased back in 2010. It really hasn't grown much and I was wondering if it had been tested for growing in desert conditions. Of course it could be I just didn't do a good enough job of raising it, though my other dozen mango trees seem to be growing just fine.

I potted it up this spring to perhaps locate it in another part of the garden where conditions might be more favorable....or.....I may just donate it to one of my grower friends who live closer to the coast, where you're experiments have taken place.

Any advice would be great!

And good luck on the new varieties forthcoming - do you know which nurseries or home centers will be selling them....and when????

Gracias - Gary of Palm Springs

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