Slugs in my bin??

thedogsLL(6B)January 27, 2013

I was adding food last weekend,and found two slugs on the inside of the lid. One was about 1/2" long and the other one somewhat over twice that size. I managed to get the bigger one off and tossed it outside to freeze, I hope. The tiny one fell into the bin and I can't find it. I did some reading and learned, I think, that slugs eat worms.

How concerned should I be? My worms don't seem to be bothered, food is disappearing at a normal rate, and I've not seen another sign of slugs, although I know at least that one has to still be in there. (I HOPE!!! I sure don't want to get up barefoot in the dark and step on it...ugh!)

I have some partially decomposed fall leaves in my bedding bag, and they must have had some eggs on them. That's the only way I can think of that they got in there. The worst part is I have no way of knowing, if two eggs got in, how many more might there be?


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I do not think that slugs eat worms. Slugs eat many of the same things that worms do.... decaying vegetative materials. I have BIG banana-slugs sometimes in my outdoor bin that I feed kitchen scraps to. I have larger wormbeds that are fed mostly horse manure and are slug free.

Beside being yucky they should not hurt anything, just pick 'em out. While I do not hesitate to touch worms barehanded, I will not intentionally touch a slug. I use a skewer. If they could turn that slime into a lubricant, your car engine would last forever! Good luck Lynn.

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Thanks! It's odd. On several days after work last week, I went online and researched slugs in worm bins, and found multiple hits saying they do. But this afternoon I looked again, intending to quote some here (to get some feedback/perspective) and I am not finding them. Oh well, the internet is a wonderful thing, if occasionally inconsistent. Or, perhaps it's the searcher who is inconsistent...;0

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OOPS! meant to say yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

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Despite many pages of hits of "slugs eat worms" I do not think it is a big problem in worm bins especially indoor ones. This is almost the first time I have read of anybody posting about it. Probably any that hatch can be quickly captured from what is probably their favorite spot in the bin the underside of the cover. If you could convince them to live in shells you could have a worm bin with a side hobby of escargot.

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EEWWWW!!! I'll pass on that, I believe. Never could get my head around eating snails, with or without the shell.

But, thank you. It's nice to have the assurance from experts.

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I have slugs in my bin, and as far as I can tell, they do no harm. I don't care, though, I still want them out. Unfortunately, they are not easy to get rid of. I smash everyone I see and I consistently see them. I think they only stay on the surface of the compost and the walls and lid of the bin.

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