La Habra's Nov. update

jfernandez(10B)November 1, 2011

This is my last update till March. It's been a good year for all my tress some are growing out of control.

My favorite tree, the Flamboyant (6 feet and bushy) it will lose all of it's leave by Feb. and grow them back in spring and summer...we have a flowering flamboyant in La Habra so I hope mine flowers in a couple of years.

Green Sapote. It branched out and you can see the new growth.

Mamey Sapote flowering right now.

Nisperos, Alano, Hasya and Silas Woods. The Hasya is flowering for the second time this year. I'm going to protected to preserve the flowers.

Jackfruit, in planted it. Jacob gave me this tree from Harry's seeds, I forgot the vareity.

Moro blood orange

I ran out of time guys. I'll post the mangos,Annonas and other stuff later on.


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Nice pictures, I believe the Jakfruit is a Tabouey x J-30. I had a seedling from Jacob as well, until it died from a freak hail storm and transplanting shock :(.

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Beautiful trees Jeff, are Flamboyants edible? Can't wait to see the updates of your Mangoes. Moro blood oranges are supposed to come true to seed so I planted a few myself. I also have a grafted Smith Red Valencia Blood Orange which is supposed to be pretty good eating with a strong red color like Moro.

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murahilin(10 fl)

What color flower flamboyant tree did you get your seeds from?

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First the container mangos
Irwin mango

Spirit of 76 mango

LZ mango

Dot mango

Pickering mango


Mallika mango

Cogshal mango

Nam Doc Mai mamgo

On the ground

Alfonso mango full comeback from last years 119F heatwave

Ataulfo growing like crazy 7 feet tall, no fruits this year

Haden mango

Lancetilla mango

Thompsom mango full comeback from last years 119F heatwave

Kohala Longan
Avocados: Holiday, Sir Price the twin towers over 10 feet already

look at the Sir Prize in June 2010

Cherimoyas twin towers Pierce and Booth load, about 60 fruit total.

notice how the 100F heatwave burn the fruit

Atemoya African Pride 9 fruits

White Sapote Suebelle 10 feet

I probably forgot some, I got trees coming out of my more fruit trees!!


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Nice tropical fruit tree collection! All your trees look nice and healthy.

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Amazing trees!
JF, what mix you use for your potted mangos? How often do you water them?
Thanks for sharing.

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Oh man, everything's looking awesome, Joe. Flamboyant trees are so cool, can't wait to see some flowers on it. I may be wrong but it looks to me like there's less than 3ft of room between planted trees?
And you're definitely not done, there's one more mango you MUST have... "Maha Chanook"


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Your backyard is going to be completely shaded in a few years... going to look like the amazon forest lol. Congrats on all the mangoes and beautiful fruit trees.

What are your pest counter measures? I am sure the raccoons, squirrels, possums, and rodents will be eyeing all those tasty fruits.

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zands(10b Fl)

I see lots of leaves and green and green and leaves and green grass which means you have made an oasis (micro climate) in your dry California conditions. Precipitation is 13" per year where you live

Here is a link that might be useful: Precipitation is 13

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

You have a wonderful mango trees collection I wish I could have a yard like yours :).


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I want to thanks everyone for their complements. The Flamboyant tree I got at Mimosa last year and Gilbert told me he buys these seedling from Arizona and they are the red flowers. My counter measures against critters are my neighbors 4 stray cats that are patrolling the premises at all hours, as well as my cat who is a master accomplished hunter. Plus, my two ferocious mastiffs who jump and tear those poor slow possums up and scare the crap out of raccoons LOL. The potting mix I use is Laguna Hills Nursery Tropical Mix. This mix requires water on a regular basis but will NOT shrink over time and your tropical will grow like crazy. For those of you in Orange County who know Gary Matsuoka (owner of Laguna Hills Nursery and long time CRFG)know that he closed his nursery but you can get his mix in several nurseries around Orange County. Here is the other mix he recommended for Mangos:"6 parts ACID MIX( acid mix = Peat Moss and pumice ),3 parts SAND (plaster sand),1 part LOAM (soil from the ground)." Simon, the Flamboyant, as you might have figured out after reading this thread, is not an edible;it's recognized as one of the most beautiful trees in the world. We had Santa Ana winds in Socal today and I lost a major branch with 10 fruits of my cherimoya, but that's why I have two if every thingLOL. I hope I answered all your questions let me know if I missed any. Here are some pics of my fallen branch and of my ripen Mallika mango, for Sam, it was spectacular the best tasting mango up to date

Mallika next to a Mexican Cream Guava this guava has a hint of banana it's amazing!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

WELL DONE, JF! I had no idea you were so crowded with
tropicals!!!! Do you notice the Alphonso is the fastest growing of your mangos? Mine is just winning the race by many lengths.

Your Glenn looks super healthy too! Really everything looks vibrant and flushing - can't wait to see them in person....


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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

Your mallika mango makes me hungry lol...It looks so good.I didn't know that you are in SoCal, it must be difficult to grow theses tropicals with just a little rain, so well done you have such nice trees.


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You seem to have LOTS of room in the front yard J.-wink-wink.
And watch those cats dont turn your favorite tree into a scratching post. Just climbing a tree over and over will kill it. Cats are harder on plants then dogs.

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Wow JF. You've got allot of trees. I'm likin your collection of mango trees :) . How old is your Mallika tree?

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Lots of room in the front but I have to build a fence to keep the mangobandits (bandidos, if you know what I meanLOL) away.

Roobie- thanks. I got my Mallika in Jan. of 2010, it's going on two years.


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