Worm Casting Warning!!!

jusme_newby(5b North-Central MO)January 31, 2014

I harvested my first batch of worm castings. I started my worm bin in September and this is my first batch. Everything looked good when I dug out the first load of castings but now, a week later, check out the container I put them in.

If I would have used these to immediately add to my garden, I would have had all of these volunteer tomatoes coming up. I am not sure how to eliminate them as I used kitchen scraps to feed my worms and apparently all the seeds went into the bin as well as the tomatoes.

On the plus side, at least we know the castings are nutritious!

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Mr jusme newby:

What you harvested wasn't worm castings. It was way less than "finished". The texture of finished VC is much finer.

Oh, it's good for sprouting seeds, but can and will get to be the real deal if you sprinkle a little patience on it.


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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

Vermicomposting doesn't kill seeds as it doesn't heat up like normal composting. Did you have many seeds germinate in your bin too?

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Pull the sprouts and put them back in the bin. Or grow lots of tomatoes. Problem solved!

I have been growing pumpkins for years, but do not plant them. Volunteer worm food.

Good luck!.

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I have some material a worm once nodded his hat to that I put into a warm room a couple of weeks ago. The intent was to get exactly what happened to your material to happen. It did. I am happy. Think of it as a pre-sprouting party for the vermicompost. I wonder if there is a percentage of the seeds left in our material that did not sprout and will try again later? I made use of this ability when I used the material on bald areas in the lawn. I tossed grass seed on. Then for the next few weeks I could tell just where to avoid mowing due to the pumpkin plants that sprouted. When the grass was strong enough I could mow straight again.

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jusme_newby(5b North-Central MO)


I had a few seeds start in my bins but I never expected to see so many after the worms and the castings were separated. I was hoping to use these in my SFG this spring but I guess I will have to use them only in those squares that I have transplants growing so I can tell the sprouts I need to remove.

Actually, I have another bin of just castings that have a lot more volunteers. Can't wait to harvest the rest of the castings.

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