A FOTESS Reminder!

sjc48July 15, 2014

Hi Everyone and Happy July! Hope you are all having a great month!

I just wanted to remind all FOTESS members that, in a few weeks, we will be holding the 2nd Annual FOTESS Yard Sale.

I'll be posting all the info and rules around the 1st of August, and I really hope to see lots of our members join in. This was a fun swap last year, so come on out and join us this year!

And please remember, FOTESS is a members only swap group, and if you would like to join, we would love to have you! Please get in touch with Jeanne-sandlapper_rose, or me-sjc48 for info on joining Friends of the Earth-Simple Swaps.

Soooo, I hope to see ya all in a few weeks!

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

I will be ready, Shirley! Thank you so much for hosting it again.

Here's the link to last year's yard sale (below). See you in August!


Here is a link that might be useful: FOTESS MEMBER'S YARD SALE 2013

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I'll be ready too, Shirley. I've already got an item or two in mind.

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Morning! I wanted to bump this up so we don't lose track of it!

Alana and Sheri, I've got some things in mind for the yard sale too. It should be fun!

See ya all in a couple of weeks,

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Thanks for the reminder!! I missed this last year and have been on the lookout :)

See ya in a couple of weeks!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

LOL! I just looked up last year's and that's not what I missed. I was thinking of another fotess swap...

WOW! Is that an old timers moment or what, lol :D

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So excited for this! thanks Shirley!


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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Really rainy today. Good day to sort through yard sale garden stuff! I think have 3 offerings picked-out.


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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Looking forward to the Yard Sale swap next month. This was one of my favorite swaps last month; in addition to the Winter Solstice swap. I've been working on picking stuff out to put "on sale."

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Sheri, I too have some things picked out for the yard sale. Wish we were getting some of your rain!

Hey, Katie, glad you are thinking about joining in. It should be fun, and quick, if I'm remembering last year's sale correctly!

Alana, Vina and Pink, nice to see that you'll be joining in! The more, the merrier!

Hope everyone has a great week,

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Quick question... do any FOTESS Members have PIZZA PEPPER seeds, from Territorial seeds, to trade? I went to order some and they're out. Thank you so much!!!


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I stopped by to say hello.
How did everyone do with their cuttings from our swap a few months ago? All but one of my coleus cuttings grew and the salvia and sweet potato vine ... and best of all - both of the cuttings of the climbing hygrangea are doing well. I am so happy about that one!
How did everyone else fare? (It's good to know so we can decide whether to try this as a swap again.)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Beth had rooted some of mine already. I only lost one, the Lilac. Everything else is doing fine.

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I lost a few of the cuttings....to darn hot here! Even in the shade with misting, some of the cuttings could not handle the heat. The frosted geranium, begonias, sedum and double Purple Rose of Sharon are doing really good!! Great swap!!

Happy Sunday!


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Morning, Everyone!
I wanted to share this pic; the little female ruby throat really loves the Jacob Cline Monarda!
Have a great day, All!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Shirley, just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the plants you sent in the swap last fall. The butterfly "weed" is fantastic definately a favorite with both the butterflys and with me too. Seems there are always at least 2 or 3 or even more visitors sampling it. And the cone flowers are doing good too. The Baptesia did not bloom this year but has grown very well
Great Humming bird photo. too. Thanks again

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Beth, I'm glad the plants are doing well for you, AND attracting butterflies! One of the reasons I got rid of all my butterfly weed last year was because I very seldom saw any butterflies on them. The other reason was that they got huge and took up too much of my garden space. And I really didn't like them.

Good Grief!! Are those Red Spotted Purples?

I kept a small portion of the Baptisia and it grew well this year but didn't bloom.

AND......! I totally forgot to share this pic with you, earlier this spring. These are the tulip bulbs you sent me in one of the swaps. You sent both daffs and the tulips, and they were just beautiful. So many different kinds of each! So....thank you too!

I've had about 10 different kinds of butterflies come in this year, have only been able to get pics of 6-7 of them. They seem to just zoom thro without stopping to nectar. However, I did get pics of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail tonight right after work, a perfect antidote! Will share them later.


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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Great butterfly and hummer pics, Shirley and Beth! Love seeing those. And Shirley, your Monarda looks great!
Looking forward to the August swap. I've finally figured out what I'm going to offer up "For Sale."

We had a big storm blow through on July 1st and the following day, my husband found a robin nest blown down, with 2 nestlings, one of which had already been predated. We've been raising the remaining bird since then, toting it back and forth to work every day riding in its little terrarium. He even had to go grocery shopping with us one afternoon, inside his shoebox sized terrarium inside a cloth shopping bag slung over my shoulder. Last Friday was his first day to be free-flying, but is still not totally independent. He answers from the tree tops when I call him, and flies down to the porch rail several times a day to beg for worms and bits of fruit. Once full, he sits on the porch rail like a little chicken.

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That is absolutely the cutest! And so awesome of you for taking care of it. :)

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Katie, how sweet is that!? thanks for posting the pic and the story!

And yes, that is a red monarda growing in my flower beds. I broke down and bought the plants this year. However, pessimist that I am, I am not taking bets on them coming back next year! We'll see.

I just posted the Yard Sale Swap! Can't wait to see what everyone puts out for sale!

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Wow, that is a great shot of that robin. I am still trying to get my son to post before and after pictures of the squirrel we raised from six weeks old.

Do we have any deliveries left in this swap?

Sheri, thank you for the prize and seeds, got some of them planted already. Did you get a Park Seed email? Rubenza cosmos one dollar.

Mary E.

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