What to do with uncooked rice

Ging FernandezJanuary 9, 2007

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with a bag of uncooked rice that was slighlty infested by moths this summer? I have an outdoor compost bin and two indoor worm bins. I would prefer not to boil it, as I am not keen on the idea of boiling moth larvae in my kitchen. But will the uncooked rice get processed by the bacteria in a worm bin? Will soaking it in water before introducing it to the worm bin help? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanx!

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I suspect that if you put uncooked rice in a compost bin or a worm bin, it will start to grow into rice seedlings. I know that happens to avocado seeds that I put in the worm bin and also leftover birdseed that I throw away.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

I'd suggest the outdoor compost, and if you don't wanna actually cook it, at least dump it in a pot of boiling water and let it sit awhile to soften up the grains


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I wouldnt use it in the worm bin it will take forever to do anything. in the past I have tossed bags of rice in the compost bin and although usually I dont have problems with things getting in there, it became a magnet for cockroaches each time. When I went to turn the compost the rice was just full of them, they werent in any other part of the compost just the area with the rice. I didnt want to cook it up either just to dispose of it, but in future when I have one of these, I'll be digging a hole and burying the rice as deep as I can and keeping it out of the compost bin aswell.


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Ging Fernandez

Thanx all, outdoor compost it is.

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Only brown rice could grow, not white. I'd mix it into your bins as is, or you could soak first.

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