"Stringless Peach" mango . . . ever heard of it?

gonebananas_gwNovember 25, 2013

Plants sold in southern Florida about 50-60 years ago, judged by the size of the tree seen in the mid-1960s.

Excellent fruit. The tree I saw was the favorite of a farm family that owned it. Now destroyed unfortunately.

They also grew "Bombay Yellow," a polyembryonic mango of good quality. I saved one of those by seed.

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R2E2 mangos are also called Peach Mangos. Haven't heard them called "Stringless Peach Mangos" but they are stringless. They're often used in table displays at banquets/functions because they look quite impressive.

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Thanks. Interesting. In the late 1960s I and a friend from the grower family asked Dr. David Sturrock, then the grand old man of mangoes in Florida, if he had heard of it and he had not, but he too mentioned mangoes that were called "peach" mangoes.

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Had as look through my photos, this is one of my young R2E2 trees.

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I had one in the 80's. I got it in a garbage pail from a guy who was having a yard sale. He roughly pulled it from the ground and sold it to me for $5 and told me it would not die.

He was right. It grew to over 25' tall and gave up the most delicious mango I ever had. They weren't large but were excellent tasting.

The new owner of the house cut it down.

The "Peach mango" is an old Florida cultivar rarely seen... I wish I had one.

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There is one growing near Clearwater in Belleair, FL. I know the former owner and he said it tasted like a peach. It's an old tree.

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