Molix OR Makok, that is the question

milque_toastNovember 26, 2010

I'm going to drive up to LA tomorrow, and plan to stop at Mimosa to buy a Sapodilla. Called the owner, and he has available now grafted Molix and Makok about foot high in 3 gal. pots for $60. I'm going to keep the tree in a large pot, so makok, according to PIN description, is better for pot growing(compact) but Molix, according to the same source, is better tasting. What shall I do?

Experienced Sapodilla growers, please influence my choice. TONIGHT, for tomorrow it will be too late.


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I have a Hasya that I bought in the summer. Here are acouple of pics of Makok and Molix in Santa Ana. The Molix is really productive the fruits are large.



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Hmm that's a tough one. For pot culture the makok is a winner. It's very productive and can be kept at 6 feet tall indefinitely in a 15 gallon pot with pruning (according to fshs). If you don't thin out the fruit, the makok fruits are small and extremely sweet. If you thin out the fruit, they are less sweet (which for me is better), but they have many seeds (sometimes 8 seeds per fruit). Personally, I'd probably choose the makok just because it's better suited for pot culture.

If you can get one, the silas woods is reported to be a dwarf tree that produces delicious tasting fruit.


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